2nd Annual Fall Party

This past weekend was Fall break for Justin and it was celebrated with a street festival, the 2nd annual Fall party wonderfully hosted by my brother Johnny and his wife Ryan, and of course the making of the cover music video of ‘All About That Bass’ 😉

IMG_6449 copyIMG_6468 copyThe street festival was called Jam Room Music Festival and even though we only stayed for about an hour and a half (next year we’ll come prepared with lawn chairs and cash to spend!) we had a great time wandering between the 3 different stages set up listening to each band and style of music!

The Fall Party came after the festival, last year was the very first Fall Party, and it was a grand time of reprising all of the old goodies and activities, as well as making a few new memories! Johnny and Ryan have a brother/sister duo of cats named Jack and Earnest and I couldn’t help but record the sweetness that is there little faces and personalities! 😀 Overall Fall break was immensely well experienced, until next time then, cheers!!

IMG_6480 copyIMG_6483 copyIMG_6485 copyIMG_6498 copyIMG_6475 copyIMG_6487 copyIMG_6493 copyIMG_6495 copy

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