The Humble Budget | #1 | Birthday Presents

I’ve decided to pursue another series on this blog called ‘The Humble Budget: a compilation of tips and tricks for those living on a truly modest budget’.

Being a, not freshly but still newly, married couple who are half in school and half out at this time, but  lived the first year of marriage fully in school, I find that the budget by which we must live by is one that is many times looked over by creative tricks and practical tips across the internet. I’ve been frustrated more than once by tips that claim to be budget friendly, but are still exorbitant compared to our available funds.

Enter The Humble Budget.

Disclaimer: I don’t mean this series to in any way be an avenue to complain about our current financial situation, nor do I intend for it to be a way to condemn those who have more available funds.


To start off this series let’s talk birthdays!

The best way to have available funds for birthday presents is to, obviously, set up a planned area of your budget that you add money to when possible. However, this ideal system is rudely interrupted or even ended when the ‘gift’ money must instead be put to groceries or gas, a possible/common occurrence on a tight budget.

When this happens it can feel incredibly disappointing and very much like a road block, but as it is proved over and over again necessity is truly the mother of invention!

This past September was my niece Evie’s first birthday. At the time I had only just started working my current job after 2 ½ months of unemployment and it’s certainly fair to say our budget was tighter than usual. But I just knew I wanted to be able to give her something in celebration. I started thinking through DIY projects I’d come across or homemade possibilities and then it dawned on me, a doll. I could make a doll! I’d never made a doll before, but I knew that I could do it and more importantly we could afford it! So, with leftover fabric, yarn, and buttons and already owned thread I went to work! In the end the doll was almost nothing like I had imagined it might be, but the way Evie smiled so big when she opened the present was confirmation enough that the little doll was just right! 🙂

In summary, gift giving can seem like one of the first things that has to be given up when the budget gets tighter, but with a little ingenuity and inspiration the opportunity can actually become a way to utilize talent and resources that would otherwise be forgotten!

photo doll

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