And then, we decided to move…

IMG_6543 copy

…even if it’s just up the street, and we are nothing but excited to go down from 3 bedrooms to 1, from 2 bathrooms to 1, and from 9 rooms to 3, and I get to live my minimalist dream and get rid of almost everything we own, and Justin gets to be less concerned with being safe in such a big space and for the first time in our married lives we get to have internet at home! For many people downsizing would be a struggle and a disappointment, but Justin and I are so ready to embark on a life of more simplicity, practicality, and modernity. It’s certainly going to be a change, but it’s one that we feel we want to experience and so, we are. 🙂

What I Will Miss

  • Big picture window in our living room
  • White walls
  • ‘Henry’ the tree in our front yard
  • Neighbor-less free walls
  • Space to store crafts
  • The quaint dead end road our house is situated on
  • Two bathrooms

What I will NOT Miss

  • Too few windows
  • Empty, useless spaces (aka: garage + attic + back porch)
  • Old appliances (we’re talking 70’s appliances, at best)
  • Cracked ceilings
  • Too many things in too much space
  • Old windows, walls, and floors with spaces and cracks I don’t even know of fully
  • The habit of not getting rid of things only because there was space to keep it
  • Cleaning two bathrooms + an entire house
  • Lack of Internet

More updates to come along the way!

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