On Being 21

IMG_6514 copy

I have found 21 to be one of the most interesting ages I have ever lived.

I still have about 3 more months to go as a 21 year old, but I think I’ll be glad when it’s done.

21 seemed to give the promise of adulthood, but it seems much more like the age of transition to adulthood then adulthood itself. I suppose it makes sense, experiences and learning don’t happen overnight. I think I was just surprised at how much it truly feels like a transition.

I have always been told I look older than I am, and I’ve always felt older than I was, but for the first time in my life I am beginning to feel young, and that is something that is wholly new to me and a little unnerving. I like to be mature and put together, and many times that’s how I’ll feel, but the more I interact with the adult world the more I see how far I have to go. It isn’t a bad thing, on the contrary it seems nice to know that I can only improve from here.

I never used the fact that I was young as an excuse before, I truly believed that I was just as capable as anyone despite my age, but the more I understand what comes with being older, the more I realize that maybe I should be alright to only be able to handle what a 21 year old can handle, and not attempt to say that I am as mature or capable now as I will be when I’m 30.

Maybe this is what it means to become an adult, to realize what you are truly capable of.

I guess we’ll see. 🙂

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