Being Choosy


So, since THIS post, I’ve been doing some thinking.

I still most certainly believe that we should all do our best to provide for our families and ourselves within our budgetary/life means, however,

I’ve been thinking over this idea of choosiness.

Normally I’m not too picky with gifts or shopping, this trait makes is so I am very easy to please when it comes to presents and I can shop for myself very quickly, but it also means I tend to bring things into my home, closet, and life that I either don’t truly need or would simply be better to do without.

Now I think there is something to be said for being TOO picky to the point where people are afraid to try to bless you with a gift or thought, but what if we were all a little more choosy in the things that we bought or brought into our homes and lives.

I’ve decided to try it, being a little more choosy.

This means not getting another dish at Walmart because we are functioning fine without it, it means not just picking out a shirt quickly because it looks ‘pretty nice’, but never checking close enough if the fabric/make looks like it will last long enough to be worth the cost, it means paying closer attention to what we use on a daily basis and pin pointing what the things are that we use and what things that just seem to be collected for no reason, it means using what we have instead of just buying something new just for the sake of wanting to spend money, it means not buying another mascara since I never really use the one I have, it means realizing that just because something is on sale doesn’t mean it has to be bought (especially if it’s something that won’t’ actually be used in the end), it means using up bottles and containers of things until they are actually empty before stock piling more of the same thing, it means thinking about things long term and asking questions like, would I really mind having not bought this if I walk out of the store without it? Is this worth spending money on right now? Is this something that will last? Can I see a use for this right away? Is this practical? And so on.

In my continuous desire to live simpler and spend less I have found that I also have a bad habit of contradicting that initial desire by not being choosy enough, so then I find myself with things I have no use for and become frustrated. It takes a little more thought to be choosy, but in the end you really do find yourself surrounded by, not only things you love, but things you actually use!

I do believe this is an important step towards more simplistic living!

What about you? Any thoughts on being choosy?

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