three years


3 years ago today on a swing in the dark, as the clock inched closer and closer to 11pm, two 18 year old college students sat together in a moment of quiet and then, for the first time, the 18 year old boy told the 18 year old girl that he liked her and she told him she liked him back.

and so, our story began.

3 years is enough time to not feel as strongly the wonder of each embrace or walking hand in hand.

3 years is enough time to have forgotten many of the freshest moments of our story.

3 years is enough time to hurt someone you care deeply about more often then you’d like.

3 years is enough time to allow more often the frustrations to overshadow the adventure.


3 years is also enough time to date, get engaged, and marry your best friend and first love.

3 years is enough time to grow with a person so that things that may have become more familiar have also become more intimate, making the familiarity sweeter.

3 years is enough time to know that when one person struggles it allows the other to be stronger, and that’s okay.

3 years is enough time to first learn to like and then learn to love.

3 years is enough time to hold a heck of a lot of new beginnings and new lessons and make you wonder every day how you ended up with such a wonderful story and that somehow it can’t all be real life…but it is 🙂


…I write these little throwback posts often whenever a date happens to come up and I remember its significance. I’m sure they’ll get fewer and further in between once the days get busier and the years go by faster, but for now it’s nice to remember where we came from and when we started, if only just to remind us that time is always moving on and our story is always growing older. We should cherish these days, in all of their, seemingly, insignificance, because they are the days of our story and we will tell the stories of these days, like I tell the stories of our days past, so why not make them as full and worth telling as possible!

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