The Humble Budget | #4 | Drying Mats

IMG_6547 copy

There are numerous kinds of dish racks…metal, plastic, ones with trays, ones without trays, different shapes, different setups, etc.

I have found, however, that no matter what, all of the options either mold or rust far too quickly for my liking.

There are few things I dislike more than having clean things next to dirty things, and I knew that I was just not meant to have a dish drain pretty early on after getting married and having a kitchen of my own. Not only did I dislike how quickly our dish drain would mold, I also disliked how many times I found myself cleaning it out, all of those plastic nooks and crannies that never seem to actually get good and clean.

For my birthday, in January of this year, my in-law’s gave me a Kohls gift card and I decided that I was going to put it to good use and I bought, along with some other house hold items, 2 drying mats.

one black, one red.

OH. MY. WORD. they are just fantastic!

Not only do they provide a larger space to stack clean dishes, and one that is less confined to a pre-made structure of a dish rack, but after two weeks or so, after consistent use, they can simply be washed with a load of laundry and then are fresh, clean, and ready to be used once again!

I have found them to be the perfect solution to my dish rack dislike and such a good addition to my kitchen, saving both time and money!

(The ones we bought are actually even currently on sale on for just $7! – Shop HERE)

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