The Final Photo


4 years in a row Justin and I have attended the one flag football game that our college does each year around homecoming and each year we’ve taken a photo.

I’ve written about it multiple times in the past, in 2012 and 2013, and this year I am now writing the final installment in the sequence of photos!

In 2011 (top left), when the first photo was taken Justin and I were in the phase of friendship where we both hoped for it to be something more and would hint in little ways now and again to try to see if the hints were returned in a favorable way (ahhh the early stages of liking someone 😀 )

In 2012 (top right), it was apparent that the hints were well received as, at that time, we had been dating for nearly a year already.

In 2013 (bottom left) , we attended as a newly married couple and even took advantage of the married students discount for the dinner served on the field.

Now in 2014 (bottom right), we have been married for nearly a year and a half, the night the game was originally planned for was rained out, and so the game was rescheduled for the weekend after homecoming and no longer included dinner on the field, nor all the hype, excitement and guests that homecoming brought to the event. It was mellow and sparsely attended, but Justin and I wanted to go anyway. We enjoyed the part of the game we stayed for, but also both felt like the night officially wrapped up our attendance of the game and our little story of photographs.

The event had unexpectedly seen us through some of our greatest milestones as a couple and this year, with the more subdued atmosphere, it seemed to wish us farewell in a simple way.

Sometimes I feel sad to let go of traditions that hold pieces of who we were years ago and who we are today and I thought the game and photos would be one of those things, but it didn’t, it seemed rightfully completed.

I appreciate when things seems to wrap up neatly and become a thing of the past without a lot of emotional pressure, and this little tradition was one of those easy memories to conclude.

And so, with the final photo taken, I bid adieu to those 4 nights over the past 4 years that always held a certain charm to them and look forward to future nights that will see us through over our lifetime.

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