Built to Last


Today I discovered Kalon Studios. A husband and wife collaboration company that produces furniture that is built to last. 

In her recent interview with MOTHER magazine, co-founder Michaele states this in regards to decorating a home, “Love it and really need it before buying. Good design should wear in and not out, meaning beauty and personal value should increase with age and use. I have real heartache over the massive amount of cheap furnishings that are bought, that aren’t intended to last more than a year or two.

As I read, I was struck with how much I agree with her. 

When Justin and I were first married I was concerned with filling the house we would be living in with things and ended up obtaining many things that were not built to last and looked flimsy and cheap. I have since realized what things I find to enhance my home experience and they are not the things from Walmart or Ikea, but actually, the sturdy hand me down furniture from family, friends, and Goodwill. 

I too am aware of the lack of strength in so much furniture today. I love furniture, granted I like it in moderation and prefer a minimal amount in my home, but I truly am glad when I love the few pieces of furniture that make up the decor in my home. 

I like furniture that looks strong and simple, things that look sturdy enough to withstand a move…or seven. Coming to this clarity has made me rethink the ease of buying a bookcase or desk from a department store and has convicted me to really think about the strength of the furniture I choose to buy.

Many times I make fast decisions on things that I don’t feel that I care too strongly about and come to the conclusion that I do actually care more than I thought when it’s too late. I’ve made that mistake with furniture too many times, so I am writing these thoughts out to remind myself to think through my furniture purchases with the future in mind and by doing so, perhaps find furniture that will grow with us and our home in personality and functionality. 

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