Finding Christmas Lights

I don’t often do summery posts of things Justin and I do very often anymore, it used to be the only thing I did!  Perhaps once we move (31 days!) and get internet again at home I’ll return to that way of posting! In the meantime though they are often few and far in between, but today I’d like to revisit that kind of posting once again!

Last week as I was driving to work I noticed that they had put up the big tree outside the capital building downtown. As it was the weekend before Thanksgiving break I thought it would be fun to go back downtown at night and see it all lit up!

So, Friday night, we headed out with a group….only to get to the tree and see that the lights weren’t turned on. I was incredibly disappointed, I don’t pull out my camera too often these days, with the convenience of my phone, but I knew I wanted to get some good bokeh/holiday shots that night so I had brought along the best. Not ready to give up that quickly we decided to walk to the nearest Starbucks for some holiday treats and see if the lights had been turned on by the time we got back. On the way we passed window after window of holiday lights and Christmas displays!

IMG_6639 copyIMG_6644 copyIMG_6679 copy

All the lights were too great, but I was still disappointed to not see a big tree of lights, and then, on the street right before Starbucks we stumbled upon this beauty!

IMG_6650 copy

It was HUGE! You see my 6 foot 9 inch tall husband in the green coat beside it? That should give you an idea of how big it was and it was FILLED to the core with lights!!! The holly berry’s glowed in the white twinkly light blaze and made for such a lovely atmosphere! I was so thrilled to have found such a treasure of a discovery and so the bokeh and holiday photos were taken with the wonderfully brilliant replacement tree!

IMG_6651 copyIMG_6653 copyIMG_6655 copyIMG_6656 copyIMG_6658 copyIMG_6659 copyIMG_6661 copyIMG_6662IMG_6677 copy

After getting some treats at Starbucks we slowly walked back to the tree outside the capital which was still unlit, and decided we would try again at a later date. I was so glad to have found such an excellent collection of lights even if it was where I hadn’t expected, and I look forward to another trek downtown to enjoy the lights once more and keep in mind that even if the tree is still unlit that there are bountiful lights just down the street. 🙂

IMG_6667 copyIMG_6684 copyIMG_6690 copy


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