Beauty Routine

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I may have the most limited beauty routine of any American 21 year old girl ever. But I thought I might share it anyway to perhaps provide some tips and to, please and please, receive some tips as well! I have recently been looking to clean up my beauty routine by incorporating more natural and organic products, while also sticking within my budget. I also try to go as fragrant free as possible, because more times than not your own clean scent is better and more natural than any other! 🙂

Shampoo & Conditioner (not pictured) / At this point I simply use Suave Almond and Shea Butter shampoo and conditioner. I have very greasy hair and I’ve tried all natural/organic shampoo and conditioners before, but NONE clean my hair well enough for me to be sure that my hair doesn’t look or feel oily. That may be due to the thought that my hair is oily because my shampoo and conditioner strip too much of the natural oils out of it so it’s over compensating, but oily hair is just too much of a confidence killer that I’m always nervous to try any other system. Suggestions?

Soap / I only started using the Acure soaps 3 weeks ago, but I LOVE them. Not only are they organic, and a pretty good price for being so, they also smell AMAAAAZING! I would most certainly recommend them if you are looking for a more natural soap option! I’m still using my first bar (Justin uses it as well) and it is only about half used, making it a $6 bar of organic soap, used by 2 people, that lasts at least 6 weeks!

Deodorant / I would very much like to try out some DIY deodorant someday, though I’ve heard a good bit of negative stories on the attempt so I’m stalling for now. In the meantime, I use Secret Clear Gel Outlast deodorant. It works well and I like the gel over the stick so that it saves my clothes from getting stained white. Have you ever tried making your own deodorant?

Face wash / Mid-summer I started using Acure’s argan stem cell & chlorella growth factor brightening facial scrub and completely fell in love with it! Along with oily hair, I also have oily skin and so many all natural cleansers do not provide enough exfoliation to fully clean my skin and keep it clear. This one provides just the right amount of exfoliation though and it lasts forever! I would not recommend using it twice a day, as it might dry out your skin, I normally only wash my face with cleanser once a day in the evening. I also might not recommend it if your skin is naturally dry, but Acure has other good options that aren’t quite as strong!

Toothpaste (not pictured) / Along with shampoo, conditioner, and deodorant I am still trying to find the best toothpaste that is both healthy and efficient. At this point I simply use Crest, but I’m thinking on either trying to make my own toothpaste or just giving in and buying Tom’s Toothpaste which I’ve heard good things about, but just seems so expensive. Advice?

Hair / I don’t use any hair products other than a spritz of cheap hair spray once every few months and bobby pins, so I don’t have great knowledge on the most natural products, but I do know that you can’t get more natural than going without. 🙂 I will take this moment to praise the wonder that are bobby pins though. They are just my absolute favorite hair styling tool and I will forever appreciate them for holding my hair in place throughout all of its weird growing out phases and to fix any fly away strands that seem to escape my attempts to braid, bun, or twist. Oh….and I just recently realized that I’d been putting my bobby pins in wrong my whole life…bumpy side towards your head, guys, not the straight side…it’ll revolutionize your use of bobby pins even MORE.

Nails / On my toes, any sparkly polish that lasts for weeks and rarely needs to be reapplied, but just seems to make my feet fancier, and on my fingers nothing at all because it always chips too quickly and I’m quite a fan of the nude, but neatly trimmed, fingernail.

Lotion / My dream is to start using coconut oil for lotion once I can afford it, but for now I simply use a variety of Vaseline kinds. The fragrance free kind, pictured above, is very good, but I also love their cocoa butter lotion as well!

Make up / On a day to day basis I simply use Bare Minerals concealer in the Summer Bisque shade, and, at times, a light brush of the mineral veil over the top. When I want to be a bit fancy I’ll swipe on a bit of eye liner and mascara, but many times, due to my skin type I think, any eye makeup I wear will, by the end of the day, just begin to smudge and then irritate my eyes to the point where it just isn’t worth the extra makeup. I would like to someday invest in a better, more natural, brand of eye liner and mascara, but the options now are just so ridiculously expensive that I can’t justify it. So eye makeup free I go. At this point I don’t use any lip color either, just good ol’ original Burts Bees. I’m a bit of an oddity in that I feel like it’s too much trouble to be concerned with lip color reapplication when I’m out and about and also seem to smudge it far more often than I’d prefer.

Well, there you have it, my entire beauty routine laid out! I’d love to hear what your routine is and any favorites or tips that you’ve found to be excellent? I guarantee you I will only benefit from hearing all of your tips, because I’m sure I’m missing out on some excellent options and routines!!

p.s. if you wanted to try out any Acure products you can use the code PARTYPROJECT to get half off your purchase! Try it out, you won’t regret it!

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