Christmas Time Is Here

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The Christmas season has officially arrived! It can’t really ever fully arrive until after Thanksgiving you know. 🙂 But now there is every reason to ‘ooooh’ and aaaaah’ over the twinkly lights, listen to the 3,402 version of ‘Baby it’s cold outside’ without critique, and rediscover the wonder of Advent!!

This past week has been full of blessing. We found out we were going to be able to borrow a car for me to drive to work, which allows us some more solid months of saving before we purchase our own new car. On Thursday I got a promotion at work and am now officially a receptionist no more, but instead training to be a legal assistant! And the week overall held more packing, moving plans, Christmas vacation plans, gift giving plans and so much more!

The countdowns I have running through my mind these days are as follows:

How many more days I have to drive my, less than safe, car to work – 0 

How many more days until Christmas vacation – 11

How many work days left until Christmas vacation – 8 

How many days until Christmas – 19

How many days until we move – 21 

This is a time of change, a time of learning, but a time of excitement as well. I am beginning to discover more how I am to interact with this life and I am forever grateful to Jesus for His compassion and grace, I know that sounds very cliche many times, but it just never feels cliche when the reality of who He is is so clearly seen in this life. I feel more cheery then I’ve felt in a long time, and much of it does have to do with a lot of blessings that have come to be, but I can’t help but think it is also from having learned a bit more in the recent harder times how to find more joy in Christ in the midst of pressure, fear, worry, and need.

It is a good season to be living, whether more difficult or easy. Every season we find ourselves in is doing something for us and to us, we can almost never understand what is actually happening in the midst of the experiences, but never does that make the time insignificant. Significance in hardship, need, joy, and prosperity should all be well recognized. Because, as they always do, seasons change. And if a good season is our only gauge of how well we are doing in this life, than the harder ones will tear us further from Christ and all of the blessings, whether emotional or physical, He does supply.

It isn’t easy to understand, this creator of the universe, God of all men, but I believe I should be more concerned with obedient following then full understanding. God is never far from us, His true and active promises are forever given to us in His word so, in reality, we are never following blindly, but merely by focusing on what He has clearly given us. Focusing solely on understanding will many times keep one in the past because hindsight is 20/20, but the present and the future, where understanding is not so clear, is where Christ is working, and that, that is the best place to be.

Just some things I’ve been pondering as Justin and I come out of a harder season to one that is seeing more plenty. 🙂

On a photo note, thanks to a good tip from a friend (Thanks Kate 😀 ) we headed back downtown last night to get a glimpse of the giant tree in front of the capital building! It did not disappoint and was stuffed to the core with lights and surrounded with plenty of presents perfect for sitting, standing, and posing. Cheers!

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