The Calm Before the Storm

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Hi there,

well, even though this promises to be one of the busiest seasons of our life I find myself with very little to do this week leading up to when everything officially begins to settle into place, SO, here’s to writing a very long informational post about lots of things. 🙂

My promotion last week brings with it a little bit of turnover time as they search for a new receptionist, in the meantime I sit at the front desk still, even though I’ve brought all of my things to my new office upstairs. I’m not sure how long I will continue to be interim receptionist, but I think I’m okay with the rest time before tackling a brand new venture. I both enjoy the wait, but do find myself anxious to get started on the learning I know is before me! In the meantime though, I sit and wait for the phone to ring, in the last hour and a half its rung twice……busy day. 😉

I’ve stalled on my Humble Budget series due to packing up the house, but I am ready to get back to sharing tid bits again because I have a bunch of thoughts on different areas and topics!! I’m excited to get the move done so I can actually post blogposts from home (hooray for having internet at home for the first time since getting married!) and also maybe share some more tips on how living in a smaller space can benefit a meager budget!

Speaking of moving, we are 17 days out and I could not be more ready! The house has been in disarray for a couple months now and at first the disorder didn’t bother me, but now I’m starting to forget what it’s like to have clothes in a real dresser and not a box on top of a tray table and am looking forward to settling into a new space with an organized area for all the things we own! I’ve packed up everything that isn’t a daily necessity at this point though, so I haven’t been able to indulge in the satisfaction of packing to feel like I’m actually helping the move get here faster in a bit of time and it’s making me feel kind of antsy. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to organize our things in their proper space, I hope for our 1 bedroom apartment to contain few, but useful, things all in their own neat and correct place. It makes me excited just thinking about the minimalist order!

On a weather note, yesterday it smelled like snow in the south. It did not snow, but the smell of snow made me forget where I was for a second and wonder if at any moment I would see a soft sprinkling of white falling from the sky! Even though it never came, it made me feel as though Christmas was truly near and I breathed in the snowy scent that complimented perfectly this festive and cheery time of year with all the breathe I could muster!

On a totally separate weather note, I think I am, surprisingly, beginning to fall for the heat of summers around here. I have lived down south for nearly 8 years now and have strongly claimed to be a northerner in the south, and I most certainly still do, but that claims footing is slipping a bit when it comes to weather. I’m starting to understand why people love warmer temperatures so much, I’m beginning to not notice so much the sweat and blaze of the summers and instead remembering the warm nights and lemonade filled days. I never thought I would be a summer girl, but my goodness I think it’s beginning to tie itself to my memory filled past and heart with solid sentimental strings and I’m okay with it! 🙂

I have christened the car I am borrowing to drive to and from work for the next couple months Frosty, not only because he is white, but also because it will be my winter month car! It seemed fitting!

School is coming to a close, Thursday night Justin will come home finished with another semester of school with only 1 more to go and Friday morning the graduates will throw their caps in the air, including my sister, Sarah! It’s been an interesting semester, getting into the groove of me working full time with Justin in school, but I think we have officially found the balance and are actually really enjoying these days!!

I’ve been looking through a bunch of old photos recently, back when Justin and I first started dating and also our wedding photos, which are quickly beginning to look like our parents wedding photos, it’s crazy how quickly they reflect the past! It’s also crazy how old I suddenly feel when I look at the girl in those photos, I never remembered getting any older, but when I think back on how Justin and I were 18 when we started dating and I am quickly approaching my 22nd birthday, I remember how much can change in a life, and in a person, over 4 years! I loved those past days, and I love these days, no longer freshly engaged, freshly married, freshly graduated, or freshly, full time, employed. Everything feels a little more settled and free. To be honest, I’m not a big adventure person, I love change, but I love change that is experienced in settled times. Big moves, big events, and big changes actually overwhelm me, but then the days after those big moments come with their routine and I begin to feel I can enjoy the change more thanks to the settled order.

That may be why Justin and I don’t want to move away any time soon, as of now. We are close to many family and friends, only 6-12 hours away from even more, and I am content in this place to fall more in love with my husband, serve and learn at our church, make memories with family and friends and someday in the future (Justin and I have decided 23 ½ will be a good age to discuss the matter) make some babies! I don’t think this place is done with us yet, and I am excited to see what else it has in store for us!! 🙂

And with that, I leave you, have a wonderful Tuesday, eat a cupcake or something to make it more special, and cheers to the continuing on of another week to an event filled weekend and a step closer to CHRISTMAS!!!

p.s. wrote and recorded this song a while ago, whilst wearing a fabulous matching sweatsuit 😉 , thought I might as well post it here and include it in the randomness that is this post!

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