New Home & New Year

IMG_7223 copy

Well, it has been nearly 3 weeks since I last posted on this here blog, a good bit has happened in that in between time, but I think things are finally ready to settle back into routine again after quite some time.

In the past three weeks I officially began my new legal assistant position, just in time really before Justin and I headed to Florida (video to come!) for Christmas vacation and then finally, as of yesterday, moving into our new apartment!

It seems fitting that, as the new year quickly approaches, it has been foreshadowed by quite a few new experiences. A new job, a new/first time celebrating Christmas down in Florida, and a new home.

Speaking of our new home, you guys, it’s brilliant. I can’t even begin to describe how perfect it fits Justin and I and our stage of life. As I cleaned out our old home I was surprised at my lack of sentimental sadness over leaving it forever and beginning again somewhere else, but I realized that it really never did fit us, thought it fit our budget, it never fit us. A lot of people wondered at our choice to give up a house and instead move to an apartment building, but I think we may just end up being apartment people. Not only do we love smaller spaces and closer proximity to other people, the new apartment offers internet, cable, and a more open floor plan, which all adds up to a major win in Justin and I’s eyes!

I have not written and posted a blogpost in my actual living space in over a year and a half and I am happy to say I am doing that again this moment thanks to having internet in our home for the first time ever since getting married!

It’s hard to say how this space will change us, we already feel it’s influence on us in a extremely positive way. The smaller space and fewer things means less to clean and keep up, which means a less daunting chores list which means a more enthusiastic and energetic approach. The amount of windows and natural light encourages my desire for simplicity, and bathes each room in such a wonderful shade and so many more little and big pieces that fit together to be one very unique and fantastic living situation.

Even at this moment, as I hear the footsteps of the people who live above us, I find comfort in the sounds of apartment life, of human life. It’s been no secret on this space that I am a fan of the minimalist life and simplistic surroundings, and in this space I find those areas thoroughly fulfilled.

I know we will continue to grow into this space, to find it’s flaws and to wonder at it’s benefits. The same as we enter the new year, space to grow and time to discover it’s goods and bads. I find myself a little discombobulated still, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind month and it feels a little abnormal to suddenly be able to settle in without plans for change. But I am ready to rest, and enjoy company and quiet again.

Justin and I are in a good place, in a good home, at a good church, at good jobs, with good people and we are more thankful then we can express for God’s direction and blessing. 2014 has showed us some of the hardest times we’ve had to face, but it’s also been filled with so much grace and provision and growth, I couldn’t be more ready to continue on with bright eyes and hearts to 2015 and everything it will hold!

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