A Final Note on Christmas 2014

IMG_7175 copy

Justin and I’s trip to Florida for Christmas was in jeopardy more times than I can count. Whether it be car trouble, money trouble, or vacation time trouble over the 6 months we planned to go we thought we might have to cancel time and time again.

BUT, in the end everything fell into place perfectly and we enjoyed a fabulous week in the Sunshine state celebrating Christmas with family! Per usual I ended up filming a somewhat short, yet lengthy, home video of our time away to remember moments gone by in future years. Many times I struggle with whether or not to process the home videos I make to make them brighter, and more artistic….but more times then not I leave them to be exactly as they were, honest moments in life merely captured with a lens and not manipulated by the artist.

p.s. don’t get me wrong, a well crafted short film is one of my greatest pleasures and photoshop will forever be a part of my photography experience…but for home videos, well, they just seem finished without the added touch of color correction and level adjustment. 🙂

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