i love you in two thousand fifteen

IMG_7265 copy

It’s not an anniversary or special date, but I felt the need to record an entry to remember all of these exceptional times with my one and only.

  • Our new apartment, which has completely captured our hearts and dissolved so many frustrations.
  • The tennis court dates, which have only recently become a reality, but that make us feel more connected and more like a team then so many other kinds of dates we’ve tried.
  • The Parks and Recreation marathons.
  • Cooking all the meals of the day together in our new kitchen.
  • Cleaning up our diet together, which always makes it more fun and more doable.
  • Figuring out what things we want to pursue and what things we simply disregard as we grow older and wiser together.
  • Kissing…a lot.
  • Talking about 2015 as a whole and then laughing about how we have no idea what the future holds so why try to sum up the year before it’s even begun.
  • Learning patience, together and each in our own way.
  • Night time walks where we now live, the same steps we walked so many times when our story first began.
  • Owning fewer things, which relieves so much tension and stress for me and consequently allows us so much more freedom to enjoy the fewer things we need to care for and be attentive to.
  • Gaining more perspective on time, stages of life, and rest after periods of change.
  • Before bedtime talks on the love seat that vary from telling each other how much we care for one another and talking over our future car purchase options to how my eyes look bigger without my glasses on and how 75% of your face is covered in hair at this point. 😀

2014 was a very stressful year, my mind, heart, and body felt every bump in the road, dire decision, stress produced argument, and lack of courage, but with you holding my hand and Christ holding me up we made it through and we made it out stronger. As 2015 continues into reality, I feel that we have recently been able to revel more fully in the blessings God has so graciously provided us, resting in His peace and becoming more aware of the strength He continues to so perfectly supply. Fear, anxiety, and the unknown are still waiting for us as we continue forward, but we are building up the armor of our hearts and our marriage to repel the enemies that will always be waiting for us and I have never felt more ready to continue on together as one.

Here’s to growing wiser, stronger and more courageous in Christ this year as we continue to learn to love each other well, be responsible, patient, and forever remember that our true strength lies in God and the richest of enjoyment and freedom is found in His will.

I love you more than I can say and it is an honor to live alongside you as your wife as we look to 2015 with a realistic, but ever so optimistic, gaze.

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