15 Days of 2015

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My blogging has been few and far in between these days, one, because nothing major has really been happening and two, because I still feel like life is super busy, ha 🙂

The year two thousand fifteen has continued on in a two thousand fourteen kind of way, which I guess shouldn’t be surprising to me, the start of the new year doesn’t mean everything starts over. Justin and I have settled into our home, I have settled back into work routine and a week from today Justin begins his final semester of college!

Over the course of these 15 days of two thousand fifteen I have planned, schemed, and dreamed and then redone all of those things because things changed, or didn’t change, like I thought they would. You would think I would learn that I shouldn’t plan ahead too far because I get too attached to the, what I feel, excellence of my plans and then when something must be changed, as they normally do, I kind of downward spiral for a little bit and suddenly feel that all plans I have ever made have been ruined. Thankfully I have a husband who reminds me that our entire lives do not rest on my plans and that change is a chance to reinvent a plan, not devastation of them. And also,

Proverbs 16:9

The heart of man plans his way,
    but the Lord establishes his steps.

I think the ability and choice to plan is one of the greatest things. I love planning and figuring out ways to manage resources so that very little is surprising and nothing is almost ever catastrophic to our routine.  It doesn’t always work out as I’d hope it to, but I like continually working towards a better and better system!

However, it is consistently a weight off of my planning to remember that, in the end, I don’t actually have to fit all the pieces together and that God is far more capable of putting together a worthwhile life then I ever will be! It’s a bit exciting even to wonder at how everything will work out, what car we will end up buying, what place we will eventually move to, when our babies will begin to be born and all of the little and big events and decisions that life is made up of.

Opportunities, dreams, plans, and facts. All so different and yet all intertwined together. Doors, paths, lanes, shortcuts, detours, all fitting together somehow to formulate the days to months to years. I really don’t know anything at all about the future, and that is both incredibly frightening and incredibly liberating somehow. I think as I get older, as I live into my future more and more, I’ll feel less in awe of the future as a whole. As I begin to experience thing after thing, place after place, and stage after stage my understanding of the future will become steadier, not necessarily clearer, but perhaps steadier. I look forward to it, to the more level headed days of an older me, but right now I am also enjoying working with the mind, body, experiences, wisdom, knowledge, and personality I’ve got and continue to grow into.

So, in closing, cheers! Cheers to the future and made and unmade plans! 🙂

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