I have lived in SC for almost 8 years now and had never been to Charleston before, a pretty shocking fact to most people I know who have been multiple times on multiple special and ordinary occasions, however, I am glad to say that my eight year streak of not visiting Charleston was broken yesterday when Justin surprised me with a day trip to celebrate my promotion, the start of school, and my birthday (we have a lot to celebrate these days!) 🙂 !! I am incredibly lucky to have a husband who loves me and works to surprise me with such good things!
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We started off the day with my still not knowing what we were doing, but finally able to guess to try to figure out what it might be! It was a chilly, but sunny, day perfect for an adventure. As we began our drive I continued to guess depending on which way we were driving, but I am so terrible at figuring things like this out (Exhibit A) that it took Justin pointing out a sign for Charleston for me to officially get it 😀
After the initial mystery was no more we got a bit of breakfast and continued on our way to our destination!
IMG_7930 copy
The drive was uneventful in the best of ways and we made it, parked, and began our walk of the city in excellent time and fashion.
IMG_7941 copy
Our first stop was the Charleston Market where our favorite thing was the alpaca fur bears that were so soft it almost felt like you weren’t feeling them even when you were, if this guy hadn’t been $40 he would have certainly come home with us!
IMG_7944 copy
After walking and re-walking through the market we began making our way to the water.
I knew that Charleston has some of the most interesting, and colorful, architecture and though I am not normally one to be excited about photos of buildings, I had an excellent time shooting brightly colored building after brightly colored building and observing the unique atmosphere of buildings in each area of the town!
There were a couple different docks we visited, but while sitting on the second one I saw a dolphin in the ocean for the very first time in my life!! I had never seen a dolphin before first of all, but to see one randomly in its real home was such an exciting surprise!! We also got to watch some giant cargo ships, steered with little tug boats, make their way to port as well!
IMG_7954 copyIMG_7986 copyIMG_7972 copyIMG_7959 copyIMG_7961 copyIMG_8003 copyIMG_7990 copyIMG_8007 copyIMG_8011 copyIMG_8015 copyIMG_8017 copyIMG_8036 copyIMG_8052 copyIMG_8084 copyIMG_8089 copyIMG_8066 copy
Once we arrived in Charleston we parked the car and traveled everywhere we went on foot, it was very reminiscent of our NYC trip, and after a solid bit of exploring and walking we made our way to our lunch spot.
IMG_8075 copy
Justin, and I’m sure you all, know that burgers are most certainly my favorite food and Justin has an uncanny knack for being able to locate some of the greatest burger restaurants ever! However, the most interesting part of the restaurant was not the goodness of the burgers but that on the inside it was covered in…wait for it…$1 bills.
And I’m not talking about slightly covered, I’m talking COVERED, the following photos only show about 40% of the dollar bill coverage!
IMG_8095 copyIMG_8093 copyIMG_8100 copyIMG_8111 copyIMG_8104 copy
The double decker 1/2 pound Griffon burgers and fries were excellent as well!!
For dessert we stopped off at a Belgian gelato shop right next door where we got a chocolate milkshake which we ate out on one of the docks!
IMG_8113 copy
After lunch we made our way down to the richer and fancier part of town. Big houses, bold colors, lots of money.
This was the only beach-like area we found and we weren’t even able to go on the sand 😦 along with burgers, walking/playing in sand is another of my favorite things.
IMG_8127 copy
Also, don’t get creeped out, it’s a lamp, but how much does the one in the top window of this house look like a face?! Totally creeped me out when I went back to edit these, ha 😀
IMG_8134 copy
And behold I show you the most colorful house of the trip!
IMG_8138 copy
For our walk back to our car we decided to walk more of the back roads instead of the main ones.
If nothing else, walking on the back and middle roads can be defined as bumpy, with cobblestones and underground roots the roads rise and fall like the waves near the shore and made for an interesting trek. On our way though we came across an estate sale and decided to check it out, another first for both of us!
It was pretty interesting to experience and we found a ton of really great furniture that we would have certainly brought home with us if we had the hundreds of dollars that they were asking for each piece.
IMG_8140 copyIMG_8142 copyIMG_8146 copyIMG_8151 copyIMG_8156 copyIMG_8158 copy
We ended the trip by admiring this darling and wonderfully kept little car
IMG_8161 copyIMG_8165 copy
and stopping by our friend Rebekah Thomas’ house to talk and see her giant cat Zeus in person!
IMG_8176 copy
We had such an excellent time running around together again and I’m so happy to have the chance to adventure and celebrate with Justin, I wouldn’t want to make memories with anyone else!
So, in closing, I give you my cheesiest grin to convey my sentiments on the trip 😀
IMG_8184 copy

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