Instagram Habits

I love instagram.

I also love editing my photos for instagram. For me, photography is 85% about presentation, it’s core is the memory, but the presentation affects how it’s received and appreciated time and time again.

Composition matters, color & light matter, content matters. All of these, and more, go together to form photographs that can stand out in your memory and capture a moment in the loveliest of ways.

Now, I will be the first to admit, that my instagram feed is absolutely not as grand as so many others that I come across, however, I can honestly say that I care about my instagram feed and the photos I take and store there, and so I thought it would be worth mentioning some of my instagram habits! 🙂

One: Composition 

Edit Example 1

The lines, whether natural or contrived, you use to compose your photographs are terribly important. If you are like me it is pleasing to see well balanced photographs, they, almost, fulfill a desire for symmetry in life and it is incredibly gratifying to see how many available lines in everyday life that allow you the opportunity to capture a photo full of balance.

Two: Color & Light

Edit Example 2

Color, light, color, light, color, I LOVE color and light in photographs. They are the bread and butter to my photography experience and combined with a steady shot they are almost immediately captivating! I will normally up the brightness and saturation of my photos slightly to combat the yellow/dull shades that will normally be a part of an unedited photo, especially if they are taken inside, and will adjust the temperature to a more bluer scale to bring a better shade of the true colors to the forefront. That combined with a different filter here and there will usually bring the photo to, what I hope will be, a delightful combination of light and color!

Three: Content 

Edit Example 3

This is where I get conflicted many times. Because Instagram is so quick it makes me want to over document at times, but I have to remember that some, maybe even most, moments in life are not actually worth documenting apart from my memory. It is an interesting experiment to consider the content of what you are posting and why those specific moments matter. The above example is simply to document that I am currently wearing a shade of shiny peach nail polish on my finger nails. Nothing ground breaking, but I am really in love with the color, so it felt important enough to note. It is most certainly a personal judgement call each and every time you post a photo and they will consistently range from subjectively to objectively important content, but it is always good to keep in mind and remember the purpose behind what you are posting, because in the end, it is a part of your life you are sharing to the world, so it should probably be something that you truly want/don’t mind the world knowing.


At this time the apps I use for my instagram experience are as follows:

Instagram  Obviously, to do slight edits and to post!

VSCOcam – I actually use this to shoot all the photos I take. I am consistently surprised at the quality and the way the camera handles light and focus for an initially well balanced, both in light and color, photograph even before I edit!

Afterlight – I just recently got Afterlight after reading another bloggers instagram tips and I am LOVING the way it handles the photos without conflicting with the quality of them! As of this point, and with all of the above before & after examples, I edited with Afterlight and to the best of my knowledge will be using it exclusively to edit my photos from now on!


Well, there you have it. As I finish writing this now I wonder if this is even content worth posting, but I have too many times wondered at the apps/lenses/editing programs used by fellow photographers and it just simplifies everything if the information could be available right at the start! 🙂

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