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Today I am 22 years old and have officially decided that I like being me.

I like my body, my thighs may be a bit pudgy, my hair and skin are a bit too oily and my arms and legs are a little scarred, but it carries me through day by day and is healthy and strong and I am forever grateful to have the opportunity to live in it, care for it, and forever learn how to like it more and more.

I like my personality, always a little awkward, forever a little insecure, hopelessly optimistic, very stubborn, uniquely sensitive, and consistently aware of my need to mature and grow more each day.

I like my Savior, I have walked with Him for around 14 years now and He has saved my failing soul in more ways than I even realize. He is forever my strength, my hope, and my God.

I like my husband, my darling boy, my first, and only, true love, my favorite person on this earth, my support, my partner in life and my future.

I like being an adult. I like being a woman. I like being born in January. I like my home. I like my job. I like my deep desire to be a mother someday. I like my hobbies. I like being 22.

In my 22nd year I would like to follow my dreams and my interests more, be less intimidated by the challenges and unexpected aspects of following through and pursuing chances and learn what it looks like and feels like to work hard and be proud of my artistic ventures.

In my 22nd year I would like to feel stronger in Christ, I would like to understand more how to walk daily with Him. And build the habit of making Him the first one I confess to, cry to, long for, request of, and love.

In my 22nd year I would like to push aside every formulation of life that I expected and instead be surprised every day at the opportunity and experience that life is actually made up of.

In my 22nd year I would like to be joyful in trouble, joyful in success, joyful in confusion, and joyful in clarity.

In my 22nd year I would like to remember all of the things I’ve learned in my life time and understand more how they can be applied and appreciated.

Yesterday I was 21, today I am 22, in a year I’ll be 23 and the days continue to march on in fervor and wonder and I am nervous and excited to see what the days ahead might hold.

Cheers to #feeling22 and the crazy ‘miserable and magical’ blend that it is! 🙂

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