A Life With People


I believe that people need people.

I believe that people are the greatest investment on this earth.

I believe that Christians, especially, should deeply understand the need for community.

I believe that we should run out of food because we hosted a fabulous party.

I believe that we should feel tired from having so many feet coming through our doors.

I believe that our homes should be a haven for visits and rest for others as much as for ourselves.

I believe that a home should be a safe and quiet place for our own families.

I believe in peaceful evenings and memories made by few members.

I believe in welcoming many to make simple memories.

I believe in boundaries and I believe in loosened boundaries.

I believe in a village of people.

I believe that we can actually find our individual identity better when we are surrounded by other Christians, other people, and other thoughts.

I believe that we learn about ourselves more when we are relaxed enough around others opinions to hear, understand, and even apply when fitting.

I believe that we can be less afraid of things we don’t understand when we understand our convictions and our Savior well.

I believe we can be less proud when we submit to the lifestyle that includes other people in our home and in our lives.

I believe introverts and extroverts can serve others in many of the same ways.

I believe that we have forgotten how to abandon ourselves, our families, and our things to the service of Christ because we are too busy searching for our identity, guarding our families, and safe keeping our things to realize the freedom and joy of letting God infiltrate all of them.

I believe we should remember.

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