Taking Stock

IMG_8329 copy

Making: weekday lunches in the evenings for what feels like the millionth time.
: spaghetti Pie, a childhood classic that I finally got around to bringing back!
Drinking: water, all day. every day. (but a nice glass of red wine sounds pretty fantastic right now as well).
: Twilight.
Wanting: to go on a day, weekend, and week-long trip with Justin again. Last night we decided together what our next ones of each will be! Two of which may or may not include zoo visits 😉
Looking: at my computer screen at work for hours on end.
Wasting: time being anxious and indulging in an overactive desire for drama.
Wishing: that I could record with Sam Smith. I discovered this week that he is also 22 years old and I suddenly felt like I understood him a little better. Singing and recording with him would be a pretty wonderful experience I think.
Enjoying: lunches every day with Sarah, it’s been really wonderful to spend more time together!
Waiting: for tomorrow when I get paid, Taylor Swift’s music video for Style comes out, and a new season of Mako Mermaids (a ridiculously fabulous Netflix original series) premiers!
Liking: the Bachelor, that show is all kinds of melodramatic crazy. 😉
Wondering: how dishes can always be the worst chore ever…
Loving: Justin. It’s been an interesting few weeks for us, we are each going through some growing pains as we realize better our roles in life and with each other, but I find immense rest in the sincere ‘I love you’s’ in the midst of immaturity and confusion.
Watching: Sherlock, and LOVING it! Sherlock Holmes is one of my absolute favorite literary characters, I’ve read the books twice, and it’s fascinating to see it interpreted in modern day!
Needing:  THIS crib for my future babies. I am completely in love with it!
Smelling: the new car smell that hasn’t quite left our new Toyota Sienna yet.
Wearing:  tights that are too tight and regretting the outfit decision.
Following: THIS blog THIS blog and THIS blog.
Noticing: that I actually have legitimate panic attacks as least once a month. which isn’t great.
Knowing: that I don’t actually have to have legitimate panic attacks ever. working on that.
Thinking: less, which is needed.
Bookmarking: more steady, useful and positive resources.
Writing: letters and more letters to attorneys, clients, investigating officers, and clerk of courts.
Laughing: as much as possible.
Feeling: weary from growing up, grateful for resolutions, happy with Justin, and ready to stop fooling around with my emotions and mind.

p.s. our church released it’s first worship CD this past weekend, I was given the opportunity to sing the song, ‘I Asked The Lord’ on it. I had a really wonderful time being a part of it and was surprised at how much I loved recording in a studio!

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