Bumpdate | Weeks 6-12


(Baby Henry at 6 1/2 weeks and 11 1/2 weeks!)


How Far Along? 6 Weeks

Weight Gain: none yet, just a little bloating

Maternity Clothes? Nope, but pants are nearly unbearable, so maxi dresses & skirts it is!

Sleep? Great! Sleeping on my side with a pillow between my legs and falling asleep very quickly. I normally have to wake up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, but don’t have any trouble falling back to sleep afterwards! HOORAY! It’s the one time I can truly relax all day!!

Best moment this week? Seeing Baby’s heartbeat beating away at a rate of 112 at our first doctor’s appointment yesterday!! I cried, partly because it’s just so tiny but it’s already a whole little soul, and partly because it was just so reassuring to see how happy and healthy it is even though it’s still so small!

Weird pregnancy moment? Zoning out. SO. MUCH.

Movement: None, it’s still so tiny, only the size of a sweet pea! 🙂

Food Cravings: none….everything smells disgusting.

Anything making you queasy? Almost everything can possibly make me sick because I feel nauseous a lot, though mostly in the morning and evening, the afternoon is normally alright, but specifically the smell of peanut butter and coffee make me want to gag…but I am drinking a TON of water, which is seriously helping SO much and I haven’t thrown up yet at all. Hoping to keep that consistent. We’ll see how it goes!

Gender: Not sure yet! Although we seem to be leaning towards boy since finding out!

What I’m looking forward to: Getting further along safely and healthily and being able to tell people soon! Not being sick in the mornings at work, and getting a true pregnant belly!

Happy 6 week birthday tiny pudge!!! GROW BABY GROW!!

A six week bump that looks way bigger because my pudgy belly already looks like a pregnant belly, 😀

6 Weeks (1)

Being sick at work is seriously the suckiest thing…


A little nervous at our first doctors appointment!

March 11, 2015 (1)


3/16/15 – 3/22/15

How Far Along? 7 Weeks

Weight Gain: None that I know of yet, but if I keep eating bagels at the rate I am it won’t be long till I’ve packed on a few pounds 🙂 And I certainly have the beginnings of a belly, I can see it! It took Justin a second to believe me, but it looks different, it doesn’t just look like chub, it’s like streamlined to the center of your torso, it’s so interesting to see on my own body! (Thanks bloating, even if you aren’t quite a real pregnant belly yet 🙂 )

Maternity Clothes? Nope, but the pants hating is still going strong, especially after lunch and throughout the night. And, TMI, every bra I own has suddenly become worthless in the support department. :/

Sleep? Still good, a little tricky because I read that it’s better to sleep on your left size because it helps with blood flow, but sleeping on my right side is SO much more comfortable. I’m trying to switch back and forth when I think of it, but it’s not a super easy task since I’ve already got a second pillow between my legs to help make sleeping overall more comfortable. So whenever I switch sides it’s a lot of legs and pillows and blankets all tangled together until I can get resituated.

Best moment this week? Ordering new prenatal vitamins from The Honest Co. and our second doctor’s appointment on Wednesday when we got to meet with a midwife for the first time!

Weird pregnancy moment?  Having a serious 5 minutes one day in the afternoon when my head got dizzy and my throat got tight and I was SO close to throwing up, but didn’t, it was just a very crazy couple minutes. Also when we went to our second appointment this past Wednesday and TMI again perhaps, the midwife literally felt the baby and my uterus. Two fingers up and one hand on my lower abdomen, for sure one of the weirder moments in my life…and so insane that she was basically holding my uterus and our baby between her hands at just 7 and a half weeks, she happily confirmed that everything was just the right size for how far along I am though, haha 😀

Movement: Still nothing yet, baby is only the size of a blueberry right now, so he/she’s got a lot more growing to do! 🙂 But, fun fact, his/her brain is developing 100 cells a MINUTE, not an hour or day, but MINUTE. That’s just crazy to me. He/she is working so hard to grow stronger!

Food Cravings: SMOOOOOOOOOOTHIES!!! Cool, fresh, and flavorful, I could eat them all day. Thankfully there is a Tropical Smoothie RIGHT next to the Aldi we shop at on Sundays, I have a feeling we’ll be frequenting there quite a bit throughout the summer! 🙂 A Junior Bacon Cheeseburger from Wendy’s the other night and bagels with cream cheese or peanut butter and jelly on them!

Anything making you queasy? Not as much anymore, my smell sensitivity has lessened quite a bit, but meals in general are difficult because I get nauseous around meal times which makes me not want to eat, but I have to eat to make the nauseousness go away. Blah.

Gender: Still think it’s a boy. 🙂 We’ll see though!

What I’m looking forward to: Getting further along, being able to tell people at work why I’m so tired/out of it in the mornings, telling friends and the rest of family, getting a bigger belly and way in the future holding this little baby, I can already imagine the weight of his/her little body in my arms.

Happy 7 week birthday tiny pudge!!! GROW BABY GROW!!

The new Prenatal vitamins I got this week are totally winning over the ones I used to take!


Tropical Smoothie SMOOOOOOTHIES!


oh and bump….okay, who am I kidding, BLOAT picture. 😀

7 Weeks


3/23/15 – 3/29/15

How Far Along? 8 Weeks

Weight Gain: Not completely sure, maybe a pound or two from bloating…

Maternity Clothes? None, and while my relationship with pants is improving, I’m still the most comfortable in dresses.

Sleep? Same as last week, sometimes a little difficult as I wake up a good bit to use the bathroom and shift around a lot. I, thankfully, am getting a LOT of sleep though, I tend to be in bed by 9:30 and out by 10, giving me close to 9 hours each night!

Best moment this week? Coping with morning sickness at work by hardcore listening to oldies Christmas music. I swear that stuff is magic!

Weird pregnancy moment? Throwing up at work for the first time Monday morning, mostly just water…but ew….thankfully nobody was in the offices around me…I’m really hoping that it is not a consistent thing…I guess we’ll see. UPDATE: it’s Thursday and I haven’t thrown up since! 😀 Update: Went home early and threw up at home. Bookended my 8th week of pregnancy work week by throwing up…not awesome…here’s to hoping I keep everything down for the rest of the pregnancy though!

Movement: None that I can feel, but the What to Expect app says that baby is starting to move even though it’s just the size of a large raspberry!!

Food Cravings: cool fresh things, sorbet, orange juice, green apples.

Anything making you queasy? mornings…

Gender: Not sure yet and I’m beginning to not really have an inclination either way anymore.

What I’m looking forward to: Telling more people, probably sooner than later, it’s just such happy news and we were never ones to enjoy keeping secrets! 🙂 Also feeling better!! Cannot WAIT to feel better!!

Happy 8 week birthday tiny pudge!!! GROW BABY GROW!!

Exciting part of the week – making a baby registry!! – http://babyli.st/jqkshp – so many of my favorite things I have found over the years in one place makes me feel even more excited about taking care of this tiny little babe!


3/30/15 – 4/5/15  

How Far Along? 9 Weeks

Weight Gain: It’s hard to know. My belly wasn’t in tip top shape when I got pregnant, so I don’t remember what chub has been there all along and what might be new, haha, in the mornings I see a little belly, though by the night I’m not sure what’s belly and what’s just bloat from the day.

Maternity Clothes?  Not yet, but I haven’t buttoned my pants correctly in a few weeks now and loose flowy dresses are still so unbelievably comfortable!

Sleep? Good, though I keep waking up on my back, I have to try to keep my body sleeping on its side more, I know it’s not as vitally important this early on, but I like to keep practicing so it’s not so much of a shock/uncomfortable when it’s the only way I can sleep.

Best moment this week?  Justin coming to see me for lunch on my last day of work for the week. The day before was rough at work, threw up in the bathroom at work for the first time, so it made the last day so much better to see him!

Weird pregnancy moment? Throwing up at random times. Throwing up is always surreal for me, because I so rarely throw up, even when I’m sick. Prep yourselves for another TMI, but I threw up in the morning on Tuesday of this week and I hadn’t eaten anything yet, but I was throwing up some kind of bright yellow liquid…totally freaked me out till I read that it’s just stomach bile…so now it just grosses me out…ha 😀

Movement: Not that I can feel, but baby is moving his/her little arm and leg buds quite a bit these days! At the size of 1 inch, around the size of a green olive, it’s just way to cute for me to think of the little sporadic movements. 🙂

Food Cravings: Really just food in general. I always have to be eating, and even though nothing smells/looks very good while I’m preparing it, my taste buds are still in good working order so they still appreciate food when I am eating!

Anything making you queasy? The smell of coffee at work is still so disgusting, but Monday morning wasn’t as terrible of a morning overall as I expected it to be/mornings had been! Could I be moving out of the terrible morning phase? I can only hope! We’ll see how it goes!

Gender: Not sure, guesses anyone?

What I’m looking forward to: Having a four day work week this week! Getting into double digit weeks next week! Telling more people, feeling less sick, getting into a pregnancy routine for a little while, and hopefully one that is involves feeling less nauseous!

Happy 9 week birthday tiny pudge!!! GROW BABY GROW!!

Sometimes it means: Early Pregnancy

Sometimes it means that you wish you could just sleep until the middle of second trimester.

Sometimes it means you don’t understand how you could be so hungry, even though you just eaten a full meal.

Sometimes it means you feel a good bit of dislike for people at work when they continue to bring you projects, even though they have no idea how terrible you feel.

Sometimes it means constantly listening to Christmas music at work because it not only reminds you that there is still a good side to the work day, but also that this Christmas you will have a tiny little babe to celebrate Jesus with.

Sometimes it means going to bed at 9:00 in hopes that you can battle the day time fatigue at least a little by giving your body more time to sleep at night.

Sometimes it means a morning routine of sitting by an open window, because it always seems to feel too stuffy in the apartment in the morning.

Sometimes it means a whole lot of indecisiveness, and confusion as to why you are thinking what you are thinking or feeling what you are feeling.

Sometimes it means you dream extreme randomness almost every night.

Sometimes it means missing church for the first time in months.

Sometimes it means suddenly crying on the same Sunday morning while sitting in bed because not only are you still exhausted even though you’ve slept till 11am but you haven’t eaten in over 15 hours and it just seems impossible to be able to summon the energy to even go pour yourself a bowl of cereal.

Sometimes it means your husband holds your hand and walks you with him to get you your breakfast and then sits you down on the coach and kneels in front of you and reassures you that you just have to eat one mini wheat at a time and that you will feel better.

Sometimes it means its Watermelon Time 12 times a day.

Sometimes it means falling in love with your husband over and over again as he offers a hand, does a chore, or gives a hug which really does make everything so much better.

I had no idea what pregnancy would actually be like for me and I am discovering it is both the hardest thing I’ve ever done and also the most wonderful thing I have ever done with Justin. I can’t wait until we get to parent this tiny soul with all the love and strength we have to offer!

9 Weeks


4/6/15 – 4/12/15  

How Far Along? 10 Weeks

Weight Gain:  Maybe a pound or two, although it’s hard to believe it’s not more with the amount I feel like I’m eating!

Maternity Clothes? Not yet, but I think I must have worn 6 dresses this past weekend and only 1 pair of pants, haha, which accurately reflects what is getting the most use in my wardrobe these days.

Sleep? I keep waking up on my back throughout the night which is frustrating, so I am in full time problem solving mode to find a position that keeps me on my side throughout the night. I also have to get up about 2-4 times a night to use the bathroom, thankfully though I can get right back to sleep when I get back in bed!

Best moment this week? Only having 30 weeks left to the pregnancy overall! I can’t believe next week we get into the 20’s of weeks left, it’s still so hard to believe something that can feel like it takes forever to progress can pass so quickly! Also, feeling like I’m getting some energy back! The mornings used to be terrible, and now they are much better, then the afternoons were difficult, and I think they have improved, and now the evenings I am out of it and exhausted pretty quickly, haha, so I’m hoping after the evening exhaustion has passed I’ll have more energy overall! 😀 | Justin tucking me in every night at 9pm, I don’t love having to cut our already short evenings together even shorter because I’m so exhausted, but him helping me get all my pillows and blankets situated and praying over me before I go to bed are some of the most special times during the week.

Weird pregnancy moment? My dreams, especially this past Monday night, never have I ever dreamed with such detail and clarity…it’s insane! And the randomness of the topics is also so crazy, the downside of it, and something that Justin pointed out, it seems like the more random dreams might come from more intense hormones which results in a more difficult next day, which if it’s true would make sense because it’s normally the days after the crazier dreams that I’m more sick and more tired.

Movement: Probably far more then I think, even though I can’t feel any yet. Baby is an inch and a half long these days and weighs a quarter of an ounce. For some reason I feel like it’s getting so big so quickly, even though I know it’s still so little. Still always hoping and praying that it’s growing healthily each step of the way as the weeks continue to pass!

Food Cravings: Just food in general. 🙂 

Anything making you queasy? Mostly just if I haven’t eaten in a little while, I’ll feel really tired and sick until I get something into my stomach.

Gender: Now I want to say Girl because of how sick I feel like I am, but then I also realize that I am not actually that sick overall, so then I go back to Boy…basically though, I have no idea!

What I’m looking forward to: Telling extended family next week and some close friends and then everyone else the next week!! April is baby reveal month!! 🙂

Happy 10 week birthday tiny pudge!!! GROW BABY GROW!!

10 Weeks


4/13/15 – 4/19/15

How Far Along? 11 Weeks

Weight Gain: Maybe a couple pounds, still nothing that I can really tell, but Wednesday is time for my 3rd doctor’s appointment so I might be able to get a number then, I honestly feel like I’m losing weight everywhere else accept for my stomach though…UPDATE: I actually lost about 7 pounds since my first appointment..haha…so…yeah, my belly is pudgier then ever though which makes me think it really is the startings of a bump!

Maternity Clothes?  A little bit, my sister-in-law, Judy, just gave me a few pieces that are the first I’ve really interacted with for now, when I wear the tighter pieces the tiny bump is so cute to see, but I’m still stuck with the looser pieces for now because I’m still in stealth mode at work and really everywhere accept for home until next week after we tell our friends and extended family this week! I can only imagine maternity clothes will become more and more a part of my life as the weeks go on 😀 I’m excited about it, and ready to show off this little bump as soon as I can! I am certainly getting a more defined belly though, and it’s ridiculously firm, it’s like suddenly I have abs in there even though it’s pudgier than usual, haha 🙂

Sleep? Meh, it’s getting a little more difficult, I’ve got to figure out a better pillow collection so that it keeps my supported, comfortable and on my side. My hips and back don’t feel great some mornings, so my goal is to work that out this week! I’m trying to hold out before getting an actual pregnancy pillow, but the time may be approaching more rapidly then I expect!

Best moment this week?  Telling more close friends and family and prepping for a big announcement next week! And having a healthy and happy report on the baby at our appointment this week, hoping and praying that baby stays healthy and strong as it continues to grow!

Weird pregnancy moment? Just throwing up in general…it’s so surreal the minutes leading up to it because I always know it’s coming, I get lightheaded and my throat gets tight, and it just becomes so instinctual at that point…recovering from it is always strange too…I’m throwing up more recently, even though it’s all just water, so even though it’s totally surreal every time it happens it’s also, somehow, becoming mundane as well…the whole thing is just weird.

 Movement: Still none that I can feel, but according to the app, the baby is even somersaulting in there these days! The little lime sized baby is also 2 inches long and weighs .3 ounces this week, if I think about it too long I start to cry thinking about how sweet and small it is right now, just working it’s hardest to grow bigger and stronger every day! UPDATE: Got a second ultrasound this week and got to see the little one wiggling all around inside, it was too sweet and cute to see it stretching it’s little arms and legs all around! My word I love the little baby so much, it just means the world to me to see it look so happy and squirmy!

Food Cravings: a lot of cool fresh things…citrus, water, juice, etc…

Anything making you queasy? Hmm, not really food wise, it’s more just smells in certain places and times of day, like the kitchen at work, or in the morning at home when it’s stuffier then usual indoors.

Gender: Back on the boy train this week, we’ll find out in about 2 months from now though, so there’s still quite a bit of time for speculation! UPDATE: The baby’s heartbeat was 170 at our doctor’s appointment and apparently it’s an old wives tale, though one that has come true many times before, that if it’s around 170 at this point it’s a girl, SO, back to guessing we go! 🙂

What I’m looking forward to: Feeling better…it’s been 5 weeks now of a mix of nauseous, exhaustion, and throwing up…keep thinking the upswing is right around the corner, but then it just seems to get a little worse…it’s tough….so worth it…but tough.

Happy 11 week birthday tiny pudge!!! GROW BABY GROW!!


4/20/15 – 4/26/15  

How Far Along? 12 Weeks

Weight Gain: None yet, losing a bit of weight still, but I don’t imagine that’ll last much longer as I believe my appetite is coming back as the nausea, hopefully, is lessoning!

Maternity Clothes? Still nothing super necessary, though I am excited to start being able to wear some things in the near future and have noticed that my belly is starting to become more visible when I’m wearing my normal clothes. Still probably nothing anyone would notice without me pointing it out I think, but I for sure see the little belly throughout the day at this point, no matter the hour or what I’ve eaten! Hoooray!

Sleep? Mostly good! Still going to bed at like 9-9:30, but haven’t had trouble with insomnia accept for once or twice so far around 4:00am when I wake up WIDE awake and it would take me a minute to get back to sleep!

Best moment this week? Making the big announcement! 🙂 Although I admit, having to keep quiet for so long, I kind of started to feel like I should just keep quiet forever, haha, it was hard to grasp that it was finally time to be able to tell everyone!

Weird pregnancy moment? Probably realizing that I am nearly 13 weeks and it’s finally time to tell people…I feel like it came up so fast, even though it also seemed to take forever!

 Movement: Still nothing I can feel, but I’m sure baby is wiggling around a whole bunch, cause it was wiggling all over at our ultrasound the other week!!

Food Cravings: Any food that other people make…haha…why does it always taste better when you didn’t have to make it yourself! 😀 and watermelon and cantaloupe! We bought two each this week and I am LOOOOOOVING having so much available at home! So cool and fresh and light!

Anything making you queasy? The smell of coffee….ew. ew. ew.

Gender: I’m thinking Girl this week, haha 😀 We’ll see in about 7-8 weeks though!

What I’m looking forward to: Gaining back some of the weight I lost so I can get a bigger belly, and starting to take some actual non-iphone weekly bump photos!

Happy 12 week birthday tiny pudge!!! GROW BABY GROW!!

12 Weeks



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