Bumpdate | 14 Weeks

IMG_8697 copy

How Far Along? 14 Weeks and 4 Days

Weight Gain:  Well, I really thought I had started gaining weight back. And the belly is still growing, but I may actually still be losing some weight. Food and I are having an interesting relationship, I’m hungry almost all the time, but get tired of actually eating food and the taste of food pretty quickly, so then I feel a little sick while eating which makes me want to stop, which makes eating as much as I need to a bit of a challenge. Justin mentioned over the weekend how my face had gotten thinner and on Monday morning I noticed that you could see my ribs a bit….it’s just a little disconcerting to feel so thin during a time when I would hope to feel relatively fluffy and healthy 🙂 right now I just feel small, and kind of weak though, I’ve lost at least 10 pounds in the first trimester, but I haven’t thrown up very much at all so I’m not losing very much food, I don’t think I ever expected losing weight to ever be a problem for me in my life, haha 🙂 …I’m hoping that as the weeks move forward I begin to be able to eat without any weird side effects and really begin to gain more weight. At least the suggested pound a week. I’m kind of hoping in a couple weeks I’ll look back and laugh at the time I was so concerned with gaining weight because I will have really begun to look pregnant. 🙂 UPDATE: Now that it’s further along in the week I think my eating technique is improving and am getting more food regularly throughout the day, hopefully it pays off!

Maternity Clothes? Yep, still always the most comfortable! Also wearing all my dresses still, and at home it’s mostly just one of Justin’s t-shirts, which if we’re being honest, is basically a dress on me. 🙂

Sleep? Yes and well! I swear sleeping is the greatest thing in the whole world right now. I wake up in the morning and get out of bed, just to look back at it and get excited to come home to be able to go to bed at night! Bedtime is a strict 9pm these days, which isn’t great in the way it cuts my evenings short and it’s hard to make plans with anyone, but the difference a long night of sleep makes for me in the days after is too important to deny at this point. The days will come again when I will be able to stay up till 10 or so and then the days will come when I will be up a whole lot during the night, so, everything in its season I suppose 🙂

Best moment this week? Really just getting through the work week…it always feels like a huge accomplishment just to get to Friday and to look back and know I didn’t drop the ball on nearly as much work as I felt like I may have.

Weird pregnancy moment? All my moodiness at work. Legal work is already pretty monotonous, but when all I want is to be sleeping, discussing and working on legal work suddenly also becomes irritating…as do the people giving me the work. Some days it’s just straight up survival mode to get through the day, which basically means very little communication with anyone and a pretty zoned look all day that is actually intense focus on making it through each hour without crying, throwing up or fainting…I think I will forever remember working during pregnancy to be a VERY mixed experience both emotionally and physically…as, I’m sure, will my employers… 😀

Movement:  Still none that I can feel, baby is the size of a lemon this week and supposedly has become much more aware of its muscles and can be more intentional about movements, so hopefully within the next month or so I’ll be able to feel the little arms and legs!

Food Cravings: I don’t know if there are any real cravings, just certain things that sound good at certain times, but no overarching theme really.

Anything making you queasy? Just when I’m hungry overall.

Gender: I am back on the boy opinion this week. I just keep coming back to it. I don’t know why. We should find out in about 5 weeks or so, so I won’t have to guess for much longer! 🙂

 What I’m looking forward to: Just continuing on and getting further into the second trimester and Justin graduating from college next week, not baby related, but such a huge milestone for him I can’t help but mention it here!

Happy 14 week birthday tiny pudge!!! GROW BABY GROW!!

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