Bumpdate | 16 Weeks

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How Far Along? 16 Weeks & 4 Days

Weight Gain: I think I am starting to slowly gain weight! Which is great! I actually don’t have a scale, so I can’t check up on my weight in between appointments, but from what I can tell by the belly I am starting to keep on weight now! I’d estimate that I’ve gained and kept on around 4-5 pounds!

Maternity Clothes? Yep, and all the dresses I can wear, I was actually thinking this week that I should probably pick up a couple more maternity pieces, mostly skirts or pants, to mix into my wardrobe!

Sleep? GREAT. I seriously could still sleep all day everyday if I could, I know people say the exhaustion level goes down as you get further along into the second trimester, and it has in some ways, but I am still so dependent on getting into bed by 9:30 the latest the night before to be able to make it through each day, work days especially.

Best moment this week? I think the best moments are yet to come, this weekend Justin and I have plans to go to the farmers market, the zoo, and have a full stay at home day on Monday to celebrate our 2 year anniversary, complete with tacos and our favorite chocolate cake! 🙂 This past work week has had major ups and downs, so I think this weekend will provide the best moments of week 16 of pregnancy!

Weird pregnancy moment? Just feeling so very tired while at work, even after just being awake for only 2-3 hours many times, let alone the long afternoons. It is just the weirdest thing for 10 hours of sleep at night to not translate one bit to daytime energy…weird and annoying 🙂

 Movement:  Not yet 🙂 Sometimes when I’m sitting, I’ll pause and stay really still for a second and pay really close attention to my body to see if I might feel something, but it’s all very still as of yet, I think it’ll be at least 2-3 more weeks till I can write an updated answer to this question!

Food Cravings: Strawberries this week and water, just loads and loads of water. Summertime has arrived here and I have been so thirsty every day from the heat, I’ve even woke up in the middle of the night one time this week and ALL I could think about was how good water sounded!

Anything making you queasy? Anytime I’m hungry and some savory smells.

Gender: hmmm, still thinking boy as of now. 20 days till we can find out though! 😀

 What I’m looking forward to: Movement, finding out the gender, and celebrating the last wedding anniversary with Justin before baby comes!

Happy 16 week birthday tiny pudge!!! GROW BABY GROW!!

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