Bumpdate | 17 Weeks

IMG_8995 copy

How Far Along? 17 Weeks & 4 Days

Weight Gain:  I think a little more and more as each week passes, I think/hope I’m right on track with the pound a week that’s recommended! 🙂

Maternity Clothes?  Mixed in here and there for sure! I am suddenly wearing all the skirts and dresses I never wore before either, I was an absolute pants person before the pregnancy, but now I hate pants…haha…so my collection of dressier items are actually getting a lot more use making me much more stylish while pregnant then I was before….haha 😀

Sleep?  Still the greatest thing ever! Although I know its recommended to sleep on your left side for blood flow, but I get so uncomfortable so quickly on my left side, I always end up switching back to my right…haven’t decided yet if it’s something I want to worry about or just go with.

Best moment this week?  Probably making the video below 🙂 it was great to get out and get some exercise and be a bit more creative together! I love how it very much reflects us right now! Family videos have drifted a good bit to the background these days with the rise in photography, but I hope to never forget how nice it is to have videos to look back on as moving memories instead of just solely photography. My siblings and I would spend hours watching our family videos and I am forever grateful to my parents for taking the time to record them, because they capture so many moments I would never have been able to know of otherwise!

Weird pregnancy moment?  Coming back to work on Tuesday was SO. HARD. even though I had rested so much over the weekend I felt totally beat that whole day. It was probably the worst day at work while pregnant to date, but the days after have been much better, it was just so weird to have such a rough, tired day right after a great and restful weekend.

 Movement: not yet, but believe you me, I am waiting and waiting for anything recognizable as movement and am so excited to enter into that chapter of pregnancy!

Food Cravings: The pull apart twizzlers!! And I think that’s pretty much it, I still haven’t had any long term or intense cravings throughout the entire pregnancy. And I’m actually still surprised at how much I don’t care for sweet foods, they smell better than savory foods so many times I feel like they would taste better too, but I get a couple bites in and just feel sick, so even though I enjoy sweet smells more, savory foods win out almost every time to eat. Even though I’m craving the twizzlers, one a day is more than enough, and the days I happen to eat two I feel sick.

Anything making you queasy? Still simply when meal times come around and it’s time to eat, my body does far better when it consistently has food to digest!

Gender: Still thinking boy 🙂 13 days till we find out!

 What I’m looking forward to: Feeling the baby, finding out the gender and getting halfway through the pregnancy! Hoooray!

Happy 17 week birthday tiny pudge!!! GROW BABY GROW!!


us these days 🙂 set to one of my new favorite songs (thanks mom 😀 ) called ‘Listen to the Man’ by George Ezra

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