Bumpdate | 19 Weeks

IMG_9100 copy

How Far Along? 19 Weeks and 4 Days

Weight Gain:  I think I am around 8-10 pounds of weight gain overall! And at my appointment they were very much pleased with my weight and blood pressure, etc, so I feel assured I am right on track! Justin and I have been walking a lot and even worked out at the gym last weekend, so I am also getting some good exercise for my own body! I’m grateful for a slow weight gain, even though my belly seriously feels so TIGHT, like the muscles and the skin, I think we are hitting the point where the growing is really about to begin! 🙂

Maternity Clothes? Yep! I’m able to mix and match to my hearts delight still, which I’m loving and feeling really good about having enough to wear, and things that are comfortable too, which I find to be the most important overall at this point!

Sleep?  Hmm, sleep. Getting to sleep is becoming a little more of a feat lately, I swear I must switch from side to side at least 2-4 times before actually getting to the point where I can fall asleep, and then I wake up still around 2 times average throughout the night and do the switching process back and forth all over again until I get comfortable again. It’s going to be very interesting as I keep getting bigger. 😀

Best moment this week?  ANATOMY SCAN. I swear those things are the bees knees, getting to see baby’s brain, heart, spine and more was just way too amazing and thankfully everything looks just perfect, which was really the very best news overall and something we do not take for granted in the slightest!!  God is doing such a beautiful job forming this little baby together inside of me!!

Weird pregnancy moment? I’m gonna tie this question in this week to the next one and kind of answer both with the next answer below…

 Movement: …I am 90% I am feeling the baby, which is probably both the weirdest and greatest thing! Basically, it’s like this. Since last Saturday at different points in the day I would feel a swooshing low in my uterus, but it wasn’t the swooshing that kind of made me second guess the feeling it was my brain’s sudden blankness at the time of feeling. I would feel the swoosh, and my brain would just go blank, like it suddenly had no idea how to define what was happening. It’s very strange to explain, but it’s such a unique feeling I couldn’t pass up trying! So, because I didn’t want to jump the gun I just kept waiting to see if it would keep happening, and as I think back, it was at least once every day that it would happen after that Saturday, but I still didn’t want to be too quick to assume. On the day of our anatomy scan I felt it a LOT in the bottom right of my uterus, I didn’t know if I was just nervous or if it was my intestines or something, but then at our anatomy scan, once I saw the position of the baby and realized that it’s legs were at the place I was feeling the swooshing, it just kind of confirmed my suspicions more! So, all in all, I think I am right on the cusp of being 100% sure of an answer to this question!!! 😀

Food Cravings: hmm, none, mostly just craving water because it’s SO humid out these days!

Anything making you queasy? The humidity, haha 😀

Gender: ahh, the million dollar question 😉 Well, we did indeed find out the baby’s gender at our anatomy scan!! We are keeping it on the down low in regards to social media for just a little while longer, but will reveal all on Monday when I am officially 20 weeks!! 😀 😀 😀

 What I’m looking forward to: Revealing baby’s gender to everyone and just continuing on through to the second half of my pregnancy!

Happy 19 week birthday tiny pudge!!! GROW BABY GROW!!

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