I Spy Baby’s Gender!


Can you find the gender clue??? 😉

Can we also just take a minute and bask in my motherly intuition correctness, haha 😀 I am somewhat thrilled at being so inclined to the correct guess, I almost feel as though I understand him (Hoooray for pronoun usage!) more because I seemed to know it was him before I even officially did!

Justin and I are so very thrilled to be having a boy!! We just feel like it’s so right for us and are so looking forward to meeting him in the nearer and nearer future!

The ultrasound technician had no trouble finding those boy parts and I am so glad there is no room for doubt in the results, baby boy is healthy and cozy inside me and I already feel such a deep affection for him that I can’t even describe the joy he already brings into my life!

Justin and I were driving in the car after the appointment and he turned to me and said ‘Thank you for my son.’ and it just hit me then how we are having a son. He’s not just a boy, he’s our son. It was such a special moment.

And then I thought back on the dream I had of baby boy around week 15 and that’s when I cried for the first time after finding out. Because I just knew he was a boy, and I am just so content with who he is and can’t wait to watch and feel him grow more and more until the day I get to hold him in my arms and then all the days after.

To be honest with you, I didn’t suspect finding out the gender would make it all feel so much more real and so much more special, but it really does! I keep realizing more and more the things I have more clarity on and am able to do with more understanding. From big things like choosing a name, to little things like buying clothes for him.

God is very good to us and He is very good to our son and we feel humbled and blessed to be entrusted with this little boy’s life and are so looking forward to caring for him in the best ways we can!

p.s. as random, and somewhat archaic, of a thought it might be and as unimportant as the need for a boy in a family is these days, I feel pretty proud to be able to give my husband a son 🙂 it’s not as though he will be heir to anything, haha, other than his last name, it is just a unique aspect to think about and one I am quietly grateful for.

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