Bumpdate | 20 Weeks

IMG_9134 copy

How Far Along? 20 Weeks and 4 Days

Weight Gain: Still in the 8-10 pounds range!

Maternity Clothes? Yes and beginning to fill them out better too!! HOORAY! 😀

Sleep? A little better than last week I guess, my dreams have been nuts and almost make me feel like I’m still awake and living life even while I’m asleep…not the greatest way to feel when I open my eyes each new morning, haha. Overall though, it hasn’t been terrible, the flipping from side to side to get comfortable is still most certainly alive and real though!

Best moment this week?  Time with Justin, work is like a whole other world compared to life with Justin and our little family dynamic, there’s never a better feeling then coming home, getting to leave the entire work world behind, and enjoying time together in the most familiar environment we’ve created and nurtured in the space we call home!!

Weird pregnancy moment?  To be honest, almost the whole week has been weird. Just everything overall from pregnancy hormones to days at work to other responsibilities and events…it’s the kind of week I am glad gets further behind me each new day.

 Movement:  YES! And my word it’s the greatest most wonderful thing in the world. It’s still sporadic throughout each day, but I never go a day without feeling something! It takes me off guard every time, because it’s so unexpected and I can never fully know when I’ll feel him, it’s like a super happy surprise every time!!

Food Cravings: Nope, other than food in general 😀

Anything making you queasy? HUMIDITY. Kind of makes me want to cry when I see no end to the 100 degree days predicted on my weather app…

Gender: BOY! 😀

 What I’m looking forward to: Moving into the next 10 weeks of pregnancy. Hitting 20 weeks was a really great milestone, but these next 10 weeks feel as though they might drag a bit and I’m looking forward to making my way through them in the best way and with the best perspective I can so as to not make them feel as though they are taking too terribly long 🙂

Happy 20 week birthday little boy!!! GROW BABY GROW!!

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