Living in a Crayon Box

It’s been ages since I’ve written a non-baby related post, but I just really haven’t felt the need to put anything into words. Baby boy has absolutely been the most exciting thing in our lives these past 20 weeks and everything else has just kind of happened without the need for a blogpost acknowledgement. I’ve tended to documenting more things via Instagram, with a simple photo, instead of a mass of words, because I’m finding that my perspective on sharing too many words has finally gotten some natural checks that have been very helpful. Realizing what’s worth sharing and what’s worth keeping between Justin and I these past few months has really given the space for more rest.

I always tended towards feeling like I owed people information about myself and my family, but when we found out we were pregnant and we knew we wanted to keep the secret from social media for a while I suddenly found myself in a place I didn’t realize I could be so content with. A place of not sharing. A place of not feeling like any other person deserved information about my life until I felt ready to tell them. I realized that I did indeed enjoy taking the time to share information, having a plan for what was worth sharing and how I wanted to share it instead of simply getting it all written out quickly and thinking that doing so somehow completed or authenticated the information.

Realizing that pulling back and processing differently didn’t actually hurt my ability to seek clarity was a big perspective changer and one I don’t think I really wanted to find until just a little while ago. I thrived and maybe even clung a little bit to the impassioned summary posts of my life, perhaps most so last summer when I was working through a lot of fear and insecurity and believe I am only just now coming to a place where I recognize the new checks in my mind in relation to sharing and even living overall.

And with that said, lets jump into the world of home decorating! 😀 Remember way back in the day when I would write loads of posts about what my focus was going to be in creating a home space? I would struggle through my love of minimalism and color and how they never seemed to combine correctly? Well I think I should have just called it a day much sooner on those posts and simply let spaces rest empty or unfinished until I gained inspiration instead of thinking I would somehow have a clearer mind after muddling it down with thoughts and pictures of fragmented things I liked in different ways.

Now, I will say, moving was a HUGE help with this. Less space to live in inevitably gave me less areas to contemplate and less posts to write about my conflictions 🙂

I felt much more contentment right off the bat with having so much less space and to be honest once we got things in place I didn’t give them much more thought because just having them in a new smaller space was enough! It wasn’t until our trip to Ikea just the other weekend that I actually began truly identifying the kinds of things I loved to be around. And it all started with a rug.

The button rug.

IMG_9125 copy

The minute I saw it I fell in love with it. It was perfect. We had no intention of getting a rug on that Ikea trip, but I knew that it was so perfectly my décor muse that it couldn’t be left behind. Once I saw it set up with my nursing chair in our bedroom the doors of décor clarity swung wide open and I saw the kind of space I wanted to replicate more and more across our home.

There were two things that settled as starting points in my mind from that time.

  • Lightly colored surfaces, because of how they reflect the light around them. (example being the white background of the rug that compliments the bright, and sometimes even dark, colors of the buttons in a perfectly pleasant way)

I kind of struggled between trying to decide if I wanted my nursing chair in gray or crème, and even after choosing the crème in the Ikea warehouse I felt a bit uneasy bringing such a lightly colored piece into the house. But then once it was set up I realized that the effect of the furniture had less to do with the actual color of the piece and so much more to do with the way light interacted with it. We found the same to be true with our new dining room table, which is a lighter birch wood. Before we had a dark wooden table and chairs that I actually didn’t mind, but as soon as we put the new table in its place I realized how much I loved how the light seemed to reflect off the piece instead of being somewhat consumed by a darker color. It’s a strange way to describe it, but it seemed to make sense 🙂 and gave me, and Justin even, a brand new understanding of what pieces we truly loved in our living spaces.

IMG_9122 copy

  • COLOR (example being the wide and yet completely complimentary array of color in the buttons on the rug and how pleasant I found them to be to both see and live around)

Oh my goodness the colors. It’s no secret that I love white paint and white sheets and white blinds, etc. but I have very rarely found things that perfectly express my love of color, until the button rug! 🙂 From its example I found my inspiration for curtains for the bedroom, and am LOVING the way the button rug’s essence is now spreading across the room!

In the end, as the sun shone through the yellow curtain the morning after putting them up, making our whole room feel like a giant sun beam, I realized that succinctly, my goal is to live in a crayon box. 🙂 You remember what it was like to open a new box of crayons? How the vibrant colors all seemed to represent endless possibilities each in a unique way individually and yet together they would also complement each other in such a pleasant and wonderful way! That is the way I want my home to look and feel. A crayon box of color and complimentary pieces!

With the  inspiration of the button rug I am finding the patience to wait for the pieces that mean something to me and not compromise for any that seem to be easier to find or acquire.

Slow and steady, that is how our crayon box home will be built and nurtured!

For now though, I am embracing each piece that enters our home and celebrating in the uniqueness of each individual part as the bigger picture continues to be collected.

Here’s to creating beautiful spaces that mean the most to each of us individually, and all the variety doing so brings to each of our homes!! 🙂


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