Things For Baby

IMG_9152 copy

Now that we are past the halfway mark and gender reveal part of the pregnancy I’m realizing that the ‘things’ part of having a baby is starting to come into reality. The age of little outfits, brightly colored toys, of stocking up and trying things out!

And I’m excited!

I had thought about and collected links to all of my favorite baby things for so long before I got pregnant, I actually felt like I would have a really good idea of the specific things I would want in every area of both pregnancy and having a baby. And while I most certainly do still hold true to many of the things I had previously found and hope to bring into this whole experience, I’ve found myself less assured of some things I would have to decide on, even if simply to decide to get or not to get overall.

As soon as I am clear about what my options are it does not take me long to decide what direction I want to go with. I’ve never really had much trouble making up my mind on things, sometimes to a fault 🙂 but am finding that I am much more reserved with making final choices on baby things then I would have expected myself to be. I thought I might be the kind of person to have a giant collection of things for the baby as early as possible, but it turns out that the only thing Justin and I have bought for baby boy so far is simply the llama rattle in the above photo, everything else so far has been a gift and baby’s collection still only consists of about 8 items, toys, clothes, and all.

I know there is still so much time, and no baby collection NEEDS to necessarily be larger or even started at this point in a pregnancy, I think I am just realizing that it’s going to take me some time to decide on things with the confidence I’d like to have before purchases.

I am slowly collecting my thoughts on the vision of what I believe could be best for our family and am also finding that with my slower choice making also comes stronger convictions on what things we bring into the home for both our son and our environment.

It’s an exciting journey, no matter the pace, and I am really looking forward to continuing to make a space and gather an assortment of things for baby boy that incorporates all the elements that are for now simply swirling around in my mind and collecting perhaps a bit haphazardly on our registry 😀

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