Bumpdate | 21 Weeks

IMG_9166 copy

How Far Along? 21 Weeks and 4 Days

Weight Gain:  Probably in an 8-12 pound range maybe, all the extra weight is still being gained right in my belly, and let’s be honest…the chest ;), so it’s still a little hard to estimate the gain overall, I’ll have to remember to ask at my next midwife appointment, which is already less than two weeks away, crazy!

Maternity Clothes?  Yes please! I had a surreal moment this week where I really thought I could go back to my old dress pants for a day because maybe I had stopped wearing them to soon, but then attempting to actually get them fastened, even with any hair tie trick, was just ridiculous when I actually tried it. Kind of made me realize how big the belly actually is at this point. Getting the belly really happens so gradually I, a lot of times, actually still feel like it’s mostly nonexistent still and won’t truly interfere with clothes/life yet, but every once and a while I get a reality check 🙂 see also the answer to ‘Weird Pregnancy Moment’ below…

Sleep? Pretty good, it kind of goes back and forth depending on each night. Some nights I get really sound and restful sleep and other nights, though I still sleep a lot, I wake up more often making it feel like a less restful night. My dreams are still completely blowing my mind though, the clarity and detailed way my dreams have been while pregnant is COMPLETELY different then before I was pregnant and it’s seriously the craziest!

Best moment this week? …dinner last night!! I had been waiting for it ALL week. Beef burgers, topped with spinach, tomatoes, and provolone cheese, and sweet potato fries, my gosh it was just the greatest thing, I could have eaten it all over again right after finishing!! 😀

Weird pregnancy moment?  Okay, I really thought I was going to have to get a LOT bigger before the belly would interfere with shaving my legs or painting my toe nails at all…I was wrong. I wanted to trim my toenails and paint them this week so I got all my supplies set up and then attempted to reach down to my toes only to realize that the bump literally would not bend. You know when it’s just muscles and fat your core will just crease to allow you to bend down….well….the belly is at the point where it literally won’t crease now…it just stays poofed out without a care that I am attempting to get past the wall of belly to get to my toes. I was also going to shave my legs the same day I trimmed and painted my nails, but I swear I was so worn out from twisting around so much just to get to my toes that there was NO way I was about to try to shave my legs at that point, haha…the time until Justin is enlisted to help with shaving and toe nail painting is coming up real quickly 😀

 Movement: yes 🙂 it’s still inconsistent compared to how it will be when baby boy gets a little bigger, but I still love having him surprise me with movement at some point every day!

Food Cravings: Just FOOD. I literally can eat dinner…and not even 15 minutes later feel like I could eat dinner all over again. It’s the craziest thing!

Anything making you queasy? The heat/humidity. Is Summer over yet?

Gender: Boy!! My sister-in-law Judy gifted Justin and I with baby boy’s first little outfit (see previous blogpost) and it just made me excited all over again that baby is a boy and that we’ll be getting to dress him up and see him in all his future clothes so soon!!

 What I’m looking forward to: continuing on through the weeks, getting to the month of July because we’ll be seeing lots of family over the course of the month, and getting through this blazing summer one week at a time!

Happy 21 week birthday little boy!!! GROW BABY GROW!!

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