Baby Boy has a Name!

Name Reveal!

I honestly expected it to take us forever to settle on a name for this baby. I knew finding out the gender would be a HUGE help in focusing our options, but I did not expect to come up with the final name just a few hours after the gender reveal appointment!

But, that’s what happened 🙂

The days leading up to the appointment we had been discussing names a little more again, we really hadn’t seriously been thinking of names for months, but I figured we might as well get back to it.

We went through a lot of different options, ruling out many right away and saving any that we possibly liked to a list on my phone. Justin really liked one specific boy name, but I had qualms with how we would want it spelled, since it would get misspelled the entire child’s life pretty much, and the nickname for it that I really didn’t like, even though the name itself, spelled how we liked it, I did like!

Going to the anatomy/gender reveal scan we still didn’t really have any name focus, but after finding out the gender we began to call baby boy by some of the names that were our top options…but we couldn’t quite agree on any of them.

Then as we were sitting outside Cold Stone eating some celebratory treats I said the name Theo out loud as a nick name and it just kind of settled over us in an oddly fitting way. We talked about the full name Theodore and if we had any reservations about it, we didn’t, and actually rather liked it. And just like that the name slowly began to tie itself to this little boy in our minds and our hearts.

We decided to ‘try on’ on the name for a little while just to see if it would truly stick, but even from the start I knew that I was carrying Baby Theodore.

We continued to simply say we were ‘trying it on’ to each other, but each day we called Theo his name it never wavered in how fitting it felt for him and our family.

And so, after a few days of letting it settle, we decided we had no intentions of changing the name to anything different and that Theodore Joseph would indeed be this child’s name!!

Theodore: Because it seemed to come so naturally and we agreed on it with no qualms or concerns. A really special part of choosing this name actually came a few days after we had decided to try it out, I hadn’t even thought of looking up the meaning of the name, but one night after the Cold Stone talk Justin looked it up and told me it’s meaning and we both continued to wonder at how perfectly fitting the name continued to be! According to a website called ‘Behind the Name’ the meaning and history of the name Theodore is as follows: From the Greek name Θεοδωρος (Theodoros), which meant “gift of god” from Greek θεος (theos) “god” and δωρον (doron)“gift”. This was the name of several saints, including Theodore of Amasea, a 4th-century Greek soldier; Theodore of Tarsus, a 7th-century archbishop of Canterbury; and Theodore the Studite, a 9th-century Byzantine monk. It was also borne by two popes.

This was a common name in classical Greece, and, due to both the saints who carried it and the favourable meaning, it came into general use in the Christian world, being especially popular among Eastern Christians. It was however rare in Britain before the 19th century. Famous bearers include three tsars of Russia (in the Russian form Fyodor) and American president Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919).


Joseph: because it’s a family name that we hoped to be able to include in our first boy’s name! It is Justin’s grandfather’s name, father’s name, and Justin’s middle name so Theodore will be the 4th generation to carry on the name!

Overall we feel that the name Theodore Joseph encapsulates the strong, yet gentle, Christian leader we hope this little boy will become and find it quite fitting that his name means gift from God. Maybe it’s even more special for me, because I feel as though I’ve been waiting for children since the time I grew too old for dolls and in God’s perfect timing He’s gifted us with a son that we are truly grateful for and praise God for!

So, in closing, to you Theodore Joseph, baby Theo, our little boy, we love you and can’t wait to meet you, may you grow under God’s care both now and forever, trust your soul and life to Him someday, be strong in faith and gentle in spirit, and love others with the love God has given so freely to you.

One thought on “Baby Boy has a Name!

  1. Love both of his names! One of Jasper’s middle names is Theodore! And I love the meaning and that it can be shortened to Theo!


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