Bumpdate | 22 Weeks

IMG_9338 copy

How Far Along? 22 Weeks and 4 Days

Weight Gain:  About 8-12 pounds, still all in the belly for now, I’m thinking that might not last much longer, but we’ll see, I haven’t been great at predicting weight gain so far 🙂 I think I’m gonna ask at my next appointment how much gained, because I’m curious about the actual number!

Maternity Clothes?  Yep! Still mixing and matching! My sister and her family are in town this weekend and she lent me a few more pieces to add to my rotation! I’m actually hoping to try to be able to make it through the whole rest of the pregnancy without having to buy anything else, we’ll see how that plan goes 😀 …if it means Justin’s t-shirts are all that fit in the end I don’t think my work will appreciate those outfit choices.

Sleep? Great!! With a little bit bigger belly it’s actually getting a little more comfortable to be on my side and it keeps me on my side a bit better too!

Best moment this week? We announced the baby’s name, Theodore Joseph, earlier this week which was really fun and it’s so great to hear other people call him his name along with Justin and I now! Justin was able to feel Theo move this week!! I got to meet my newest nephew, Miles, for the first time because my sister and her family are in town for the holiday! My sister also brought a bunch of baby boy clothes for me to look at and there are so many good pieces!! I don’t even think I’ll buy Theo anything else before he’s born! It was so fun to imagine dressing him in all the little clothes and to finally start gaining a collection of things for him!! This weekend also still includes some very fun plans that I am greatly looking forward to and which I’m sure will provide some wonderful moments!

Weird pregnancy moment?  Thursday, the last day of work for the week, the assistants at my firm all got free milkshakes from Cookout. Due to the possibility, though rare, of listeria I’ve been avoiding pretty much all ice cream products from any fast food restaurant or otherwise for now, but an Oreo Mint milkshake just sounded SO good. So I decided to go for it. While I was waiting for it to get to me I started getting a little nervous, I have a weird anxiety that revolves around thinking about ironic situations, so all I could think about was how ironic it would be if the ONE time I actual get an ice cream product that it would involve listeria. In an attempt to be rational and not overthink one milkshake I decided to face my fears and just drink the darn thing, when I got it though I pretty much shot gunned it because for some reason I felt like if I ate it REALLY fast it would be like I didn’t eat it at all…..right? A little while after I started to feel kind of sick and I had a bit of a panic thinking that somehow it had affected Theo poorly. I think I asked Justin a million times if he thought everything was alright, and he reassured me and also couldn’t help asking what I expected would happen if I downed a milkshake in about 5 minutes 😀 p.s. a few days later and all is well! I think, for my stomachs sake, I might just start avoiding dairy products from restaurants all together again…it’s not worth the stomach ache I get from my anxious eating anyway, haha 🙂

 Movement: YES! Theo weighs a whole pound this week and he is certainly making it known by moving around more then ever!! I feel him most in the morning and at night, but there are multiple moments in the middle of the day that he likes to roll around to! It’s the best to feel him make his presence known! 😀

Food Cravings: hmm…nothing specific, still just food in general, and I guess that milkshake on Thursday 😉

Anything making you queasy? being thirsty, probably has something to do with the humidity, but there are times I wake up in the morning and all I can think about is drinking water!

Gender: Boy! Baby Theo!!

 What I’m looking forward to: My midwives appointment next week! I always love when Theo gets to be a bigger part of my week!! 🙂 

Happy 22 week birthday Theo!!! GROW BABY GROW!!

IMG_9340 copy

Family pictures don’t always work out so well when you’ve set the tripod for your own height and then your 6 foot 9 inch tall husband joins you quickly for a group shot 😉 😀

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