Exciting Things Are Happening

IMG_9382 copyIMG_9388 copyIMG_9392 copy

And they are happening all the time.

These potatoes we had for dinner are exciting.

IMG_9404 copy

Baby boy’s 6 month, in womb, anniversary is today, which is exciting.

IMG_9401 copy

Justin doesn’t have a job yet, so the options are still endless, which is exciting.

I am tired of feeling as though nothing is happening. It’s all about perspective. Because things are happening every day, and because I can’t see that I am wanting to skip all of these days that feel mundane and just get to the exciting things, the good days.

The ‘christmas feeling’ days. The finalization of plans days. The day Theo enters the world. The day we get our first puppy. The summer days of picnics and water gun fights. The Fall days of walks and brisk weather.

I want those days to be every day.

But they aren’t.

Most days it’s simply routine. Which might not be new or life changing, but still happening. RIGHT NOW.

Life is happening.

And its exciting.

So here’s another picture of those potatoes we had for dinner, because that’s what we did today,

and it was exciting. 🙂

IMG_9405 copy

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