Bumpdate | 26 Weeks

IMG_0849 copy

I decided to shoot this week’s photo as authentically as possible, no work clothes or hair done, just pregnant me in the clothes I run home to change into at the end of every day 🙂

I’ve been MIA the past few weeks due to a crazy schedule and just being plain tired. Basically in review, I’ve just gotten more pregnant with each passing week, nothing extraordinary to report, though by his movements Theo seems to be doing very well, which is itself quite wonderful to report! 

How Far Along? 26 Weeks and 4 Days

Weight Gain:  more as each week passes I’m sure! Even if it’s just in Theo himself who is about to weigh in at over 2 pounds soon! I’m still carrying the weight right in my belly, though I can only imagine that it’ll spread out a bit over the next 13 weeks 😀

Maternity Clothes? Yeeeeep, I had to retire a few of my normal closet pieces this week simply due to them being plain uncomfortable. I am grateful for some more maternity pieces being lent to me though! They are getting me through work days looking much more professional then my personally owned pieces would!

Sleep? Still just want to sleep all the time, though my hips by the time morning comes are crying a bit to stand up, and I’m starting to get more tired again overall just due to getting further along with everything. Moving from side to side at night is a task that has begun to take much longer and look much more awkward. Justin’s been so great and patient with me as I attempt to get comfortable each night. It’s a funny pattern we’ve adjusted to at bedtime these days as he helps me change from side to side trying to find the best way to sleep, but it’s also special in its own way as we work together.

Best moment this week? In this and the past weeks, it’s simply been getting more and more pregnant. As much as it comes with the aches and pains, Justin and I celebrate each week Theo stays inside and grows bigger and stronger. We love to watch him move and I catch myself just staring at my belly these days because it’s so fascinating. The days of this pregnancy have involved a lot of unknowns and future questions, so I treasure the times when I can simply rest my mind and body and just feel Theo move and think about his little life and how special and important it is to us.

Weird pregnancy moment?  The beginnings of lactating. And that’s all I say on that. 🙂

Movement: Yes! With as much strength as his little two pound body can muster!! Justin and I thought for a long time that he would probably be a mellow baby, but with how much he likes to move and poke around, we are second guessing that assumption!

Food Cravings: Just good foods that fill me up! It really is interesting to me how the tendencies of early pregnancy are coming back into play. I remember early on all I wanted was good food that would fill me because it seemed like I was just hungry all the time, that balanced out a bit in the second trimester, but as the third trimester quickly approaches I’m finding I’m back to the all the time hungry phase!

Anything making you queasy? Moving too quickly. I’ve got to remember to slow down. It’s hard to remember a lot of times that even things like sitting down and standing up need to be done slower, especially since my normal pace is pretty quick, but the benefits of just taking my time on things are so helpful to my body overall that I’m hoping to keep it at the forefront of my mind more!

Gender: Boy 🙂

 What I’m looking forward to: the future becoming clearer over the next weeks. It’s been a very long summer of waiting and I am hoping that the answers to many important questions are given sooner than later.

Happy 26 week birthday Theo!!! GROW BABY GROW!!

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