(Finally) Getting Ready


Over the course of the summer I have collected things and ideas for how to make our one bedroom apartment as cozy and functional as possible for our soon to be family of three. However, I held off actually implementing any ideas or really organizing anything at all because I felt like I didn’t have clarity on how things were actually going to end up for us. The possibility of moving out of state for a job came into the realm of possibilities in early July and from that point I felt so split between the ‘maybes’ and ‘we’ll sees’ that I didn’t even feel like I had enough information to settle in anywhere. So I put it off, for weeks, then months. The ideas kept swirling in my mind, but I held off time and time again because I just didn’t know how everything was going to work out.

This past weekend we went out of town to pursue some job options, all of which ended up being closed doors. I also hit 30 weeks of pregnancy on Monday of this week. I didn’t expect it, but somehow the combination prompted a very restful perspective shift for Justin and I. We still didn’t necessarily know 100% that we aren’t leaving the area, but suddenly we both felt very sure that it was time to settle in where we currently are and getting to 30 weeks of pregnancy added the very exciting understanding that this pregnancy really isn’t going to last forever and that baby Theo will be here sooner than later!

It might sound a little ironic that closed doors and an impending birth would produce an overall peace for Justin and I, it would seem more realistic for it to cause us to be even more worried or nervous. But, we aren’t. In fact, we are possibly more content now than we’ve been in some time.

For the longest time this summer I felt that I didn’t have the mental capacity to even think about preparing the home or myself for Theo’s arrival, but suddenly I feel the urge and the capability to create a space for our family that is peaceful and comfortable. I never thought I would be able to do that before we had all of the needed answers in place, turns out I was wrong 🙂

The photo above is our living room after purchasing two recliners, a shift in living room seating that was inspired through family advice and sponsored by an excellent Goodwill find. The photo is a good visual for how my mind, and parts of our home, have looked all summer. Full. Full of things that were staying, full of things that were going, basically a messy in between stage that is both uncomfortable and stress inducing.

The photo below is our living room as of last night. A newly arranged space that caters to both the stage we are in and the stage we are approaching. A combination of weeks of ideas and recent arrangements. A refreshing restart to our physical space that brings with it a sense of restful understanding. It is consistently fascinating to me how much a physical space can impact my entire interaction with life in general. I don’t know if I would necessarily call myself a neat freak or a hardcore minimalist, I don’t think our day to day space indicates either of those tendencies, but I do absolutely have specific aspects that must be in place for me to be content and at rest in a space and I am having such a good time figuring out how to implement those things into our home that must now be able to function on multiple different levels.


I never minded the fact that we will bring baby Theo home to such a little space. I always knew we could make it work for us, that there would be certain sacrifices and that it would take some adjustments, but never that it couldn’t be done and happily done.

The living room was one of the first steps on our journey towards getting ready for this next phase as a family and its completion has breathed life back into our excitement, no stressful strings attached, just pure joy for what is coming!

We still don’t have all the answers we’ve been waiting on, but somehow the assurance that the answers are coming has been strengthened and our endurance has been refreshed.

And in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy our home and our family and all of the good things that we have right now, oh and start on organizing Theo’s giant pile of things that has become quite the mountain in the corner of our bedroom 😉 😀


2 thoughts on “(Finally) Getting Ready

  1. Hey Beth! Jessica Brazell here 🙂 I was thinking about you guys today and your upcoming baby boy, and I remembered that one of the blogs that I read is about a couple and their little baby who all live in a tiny one room apartment in New York. She gives a lot of good tips about minimalistic living, how to live with a baby in one room, and so on. I thought you might be able to find it helpful 🙂 the link below is to her series called baby proof (which I have been finding so helpful!!!!) so I hope you enjoy and that it helps you too 🙂 ❤️



    1. Oh hi!! 🙂
      I love Reading My Tea Leaves blog! I’ve been following it for a few years now, and her tips and posts about living in a one bedroom with a baby have absolutely been helpful as we’ve been looking to do the same! It’s pretty rare to come across a situation/blog that discusses the topic of a single bedroom apartment with kids, so it makes it even more of a gold mine for encouragement and practical suggestions! Thanks for thinking of us and posting the link!! And congratulations to you guys on your little baby too! So excited and happy for you three!! 🙂


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