Autumn at 33 Weeks


Yesterday brought Fall.

The sky was a deeper, richer blue, no longer overexposed by the heat and intensity of a summer sun.

The air had a crisp edge to it that suddenly reminds you again what it is actually like to have a cool fall day after almost forgetting due to forging through the thick humid air of summer for what felt like never-ending days.

Walking outside was refreshing again instead of heavy with the weight of sweltering sunshine and steamy air.

The change in the air whispered of changes everywhere. Of revitalizing new seasons approaching and other, difficult and burdensome, ones coming to a close.

It was a blessing to see spirits lifted all around as windows were opened to the fresh air and voices filled the outdoors as evening walks were being taken again in celebration of the motion of the seasons.

Baby Theo’s movements are constant and I feel every single one of them as he has now outgrown his amniotic fluid to the point where it’s no longer cushioning him or his movements like it once did. (Currently measuring and weighing in at around 19 inches and 4.5 pounds)

Working, sleeping, sitting, standing, and walking have all taken on a difficult quality that only a 33 week pregnant body can experience or understand.

Preparations have been made and are being made as endings and beginnings overlap in the way that they tend to do.

Furniture has been rearranged and all the spaces of our home have officially taken on the look of the coming season, along with the weather outside, affirming the reality that the past weeks and months really have been in preparation for a brand new life that will, hopefully, be arriving on time in the early days of November.

Our little family has grown stronger in the past weeks, realizing more who we are as a unit. The three of us are ready for this new season and continue to walk through the coming weeks with deep assurance in our decisions and a growing excitement and understanding of the significance of welcoming a little baby into the world.

God has been faithful to us and has held us throughout the past months only in the way He can.

As Justin and I were sitting on the couch this weekend he looked up and said, ‘the cozy times are coming.’ and it was just the perfect way to describe the coming days after the season we’ve experienced. The days of sparkling grape juice and popcorn tins. Of pumpkin painting and hot chocolate. Of thanksgiving dinners and holiday parades. Of twinkling lights and the smell of pine. Of jackets for walks and mittens for hands. Of soups, stews and homemade bread. Of advent candles and holiday celebrations with friends and family. Of leaving jobs and starting jobs. And of a little boy who is coming soon to experience it all with us.

Fall came with a brisk breeze this weekend, and while it’s still working to find its stable space as summer begins to officially subside, it echoes the happenings of our life in ways that affirms the worth in both the past months and the coming months.

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