Taking Stock {at 37 Weeks}

IMG_1092 copyMaking: pumpkin muffins, cookies, and bread! Yum. 🙂
: homemade macaroni and cheese for dinner tonight!
Drinking: tap water again after having a boil water advisory for nearly a week!
: Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth.
Wanting: to sleep on my back again, so ready to no longer only sleep on my sides.
Looking: more and more pregnant every day. Baby Theo is in no way going to be on the slim side, I think at every one of my last 3+ appointments the midwives have commented on how he’s going to be a big baby. 😀
Wasting: no space in our one bedroom apartment as I arrange all of the things we’ll need and use once Theo’s here!
Wishing: to eat an entire Christmas popcorn tin right this minute. My method is to take out the divider between the 3 flavors and shake them all up together. Those tins are just magic and I can’t wait for them to be back in stores!
Enjoying: the beginning consistency of autumn-like weather and atmosphere!
Waiting: for baby Theo…and the popcorn tins 😉
Liking: being at home, there are times of boredom now and again, but overall it’s really been a treat to be able to have so much time to put towards so many projects!
Wondering: how long Theo will actually wait to make his arrival. Won’t lie, I’m hoping it could be sooner than later despite my family history of women carrying babies late every time. 😀
Loving: Justin. He has just recently finished his training for his job and is beginning to take on more responsibility and I couldn’t be more proud of him. Watching him work to provide for me and Theo makes my heart feel all the feelings and he has just been so strong and committed as he’s worked towards growing accustomed to both working full time for the first time and the job itself. I love him so very much.
Watching: or more like ‘watched’ the new show on Netflix ‘The Great British Baking Show’! If you haven’t watched it yet, go now! It’s such a lovely and interesting show!
Needing: to wash Theo’s clothes, blankets and crib sheets and pack a hospital bag!
Smelling: the fresh cool air in the mornings when I walk outside.
Wearing: the same thing every day pretty much. Maternity yoga pants and Justin’s t-shirts!
Following: up on all the projects and ideas that I had set aside to work on for these few weeks.
Noticing: contractions. I think. I still feel a little confused as to what they actually feel like and they are so sporadic I can’t necessarily catch on that I’m having them every time, but from all the descriptions I’ve heard and read I’m pretty sure that I can say with some assurance that I am having them now and again!
Knowing: that I am capable and ready to give birth whenever the time is right.
Thinking: about how interesting it’s going to be to actually birth/have a baby. It’s always been what everyone else has done and whose stories I’ve heard or read about. It’s both exciting and a little crazy to think that I’ll actually have my own story soon!
Bookmarking: road closure lists so I can know as soon as the closed roads due to flooding & repairs open and access off the road we live on doesn’t include at least a 30 minute detour to get anywhere!
Writing: meal plans and shopping lists for the next 6+ weeks as part of my attempt to be more organized for whenever Theo decides he’s ready to come!
Laughing: at how I can’t watch the below bunny gif without breaking down into tears every. single. time. Justin has banned me from watching it because it makes me cry so hard when I do. I can’t explain what about it makes me so sad…something about how much effort the bunny puts into trying to make the jump and then his little look around after he’s jumped when its almost like he’s checking to see if he’s made it…seriously, not even watching it as I type this and just thinking about it makes me tear up…#pregnancyhormoneproblems

Feeling: cared for. I wish I was better, and faster, at expressing my thanks and appreciation for everything from a gift to a kind comment on facebook. It’s been a very full season of encouragement from those around us and my heart is full from the care that we have been shown. We are very blessed.

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