Bags are Packed

IMG_1238 copyWell, after 37 weeks and 2 days I finally packed up our bags for the hospital. Currently they are lined up in our bedroom alongside Theo’s car seat. 3 little bags in a row. One for each of us.IMG_1176 copyI also washed all of the clothes we currently have for Theo, mostly hand me downs, that I am eternally grateful for, intermixed with a few gifted and special pieces.IMG_1211 copyI was a bit nervous actually to officially wash all of them. I had never washed so many little things in my life and wasn’t actually quite sure how to go about it. After stacking them all up and reading label after label though I took the leap and in two washes, one warm and one cold, all of them came out clean and fresh with no bleeding of colors or shrinking of sizes.IMG_1198 copyAfter washing, they were folded and sorted into Theo’s dresser drawers. I am very proud of how we’ve sorted out the arrangement of our room to share with Theo. 1 bed, 1 crib, 2 dressers, 1 chair, and 1 mini bookcase. Things aren’t quite lined up evenly and the wall opposite the bed is a bit warehouse-esque in its line up of dressers and bookcase, but everything fits, everything is accessible and everything can be neatly put away.IMG_1205 copyI’m realizing, as I stack up extra diapers and wipes by the dining room table, that things are going to be a little all over the place as we live in this little apartment. There won’t be a complete containment of the brightly colored toys and baby things, nor will there be specifically designated areas for bottles and diapers and baby accessories. We will live together in this space just like that, together.IMG_1225 copyI believe we will thrive in this space, and continue to organize and arrange as we go. It won’t be forever that our home will be this small and I feel no rush to acquire more space just because it would seem like the thing that should be done. We are happy in our home and I believe the memories we make here, both now and in the future, will be ones we will treasure for our whole lives.

So, with bags packed, clothes washed and furniture in place, it can be said that we can officially welcome home baby Theo at anytime. Let the waiting begin! 🙂

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