Happy Due Date

IMG_1243 copy
Dear Theo,

            On this warm and rainy November day you are due to arrive. I remember at our first midwife appointment in March hearing the ultrasound tech tell us your November 2nd due date and thinking how far away it sounded. You were so little then and now you have grown up so much and are ready for the world. I’ve kept you for 40 weeks, my body and yours bound together in a way that I had never known before and you have only ever known. My skin has stretched to house your growth and I wear the marks proudly because I know they are there for a very special reason. And while I am grateful for my body’s ability to nurture you, I’m ready for you to come out now, ready to hold you in my arms and continue to care for you with my body, but outside of my body. Labor, however it happens, isn’t going to be easy for either of us, but together we are going to accomplish that which we were both made to do. A lot has happened in these past many weeks, but now as I sit in our living room and watch the rain fall on the tree, just barely tipped with yellow and orange leaves, outside our window I realize that all that has needed to be completed before we were ready to meet you has been done. You are now what we are waiting for, you are our next step and we can’t wait to finally see you. It’s not all going to be perfect, we’re just as new to parenthood as you will be to the world, so we’re going to have to figure quite a bit out together. Know this though, even before your arrival, we love you very very much and we praise God for your life and your soul and trust Him with your safety and salvation even now and for the future. We hope our care and our instruction for you in all of our days together can be filled with grace and wisdom and an abundance of forgiveness as we grow as a family. 

You are being awaited by many, baby boy, we are so ready to start making memories with you and for you to meet so many people that already care about you so much.
It is certainly going to be a grand day when you arrive and one that I hope will be very soon.

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