Two Months of Theo

IMG_1728 copy 2For his official two month birthday, which was yesterday, we took Theo to Build-A-Bear to make him his very first teddy bear, who we’ve named Elvin, which we found out afterwards means ‘Wise Friend’, a fitting name for the little companion we think 🙂

At 2 months Theo…

is 14 pounds and 4 Ounces and is 25.5 inches.

95th Percentile for weight & 95th Percentile for height

Wearing 3-9 month sizes in all his clothes and size 2 diapers!

Loves: Eating, standing up, with help of course 🙂 , being high up on our bed, his crib or the changing table, looking out the window, sleeping in his crib, his pacifier, ‘talking’ all the time, being walked to sleep and sometimes rocked, but mostly falls asleep on his own slightly swaddled in his crib with his pacifier (Cheers to that and hoping it lasts!), laying quietly awake in his crib and looking at the light coming through the curtains and the shadows on the walls, smiling more each day, to fall asleep on either Justin and I when we sit in the recliner and being around family and friends!

Hates: Getting dressed after a bath, having a dirty diaper, not getting milk fast enough, trying to poop and being naked.

Overall I’m finding that we are falling more and more into a consistent rhythm or at least a somewhat predictable one and while Theo isn’t sleeping through the night quite yet, we are working our way towards that and I am still able to get between 5-7 hours a night on a consistent basis even with him waking up so I don’t feel the need to rush him into anything he isn’t quite prepared to do yet.

I really can’t believe it was already two months ago that we were in the hospital with Theo, he’s already done 3 major holidays and crossed from one year into another in his short time alive! Justin and I are so excited for this coming year as Theo continues to grow and we are able to do more and more family activities! At this point our favorite family activity is to read to Theo and talk to him about things, but we are excited to start up family walks and outings more as well as he becomes even more alert and interested in things!

We are very thankful for a healthy, happy little boy and continue to pray for him as he grows and interacts with more and more. We treasure being his parents so much and continue to learn about all the aspects of marriage, parenthood and family together in the imperfect, but beautiful and bonding way families do!

IMG_1723 copy

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