Little Talks

IMG_1830 copyThere are already so many things that Theo used to do that he no longer does anymore. Little quirks, faces and sounds that I thought would last for a while, but somehow got lost amidst a growth spurt. I am so glad to have captured many of the forgotten habits in past videos and photographs, which is why I want to include the below video on my blog as it captures many of the earliest moments of Theo’s ‘little talks’ with me.

He’s gotten to be very talkative recently, which is just the most charming thing ever. He sighs, squeals, and coos all day as he discovers and understands things. He also has the sweetest little squeaky cry to indicate that he’s done with a certain activity and ready for another. 🙂

I haven’t been able to get all of his little sounds on video yet, eventually I prefer to stop trying and just enjoy them myself, but for memory’s sake, here are a few videos strung together that I’m sure will bring back all the memories, whether filmed or not, once Theo has grown past all of his little habits of now.

3 thoughts on “Little Talks

    1. I didn’t even notice how perfect the song was until I rewatched the video afterwards, haha! And he loves his books, that one was ‘First 100 Words’ and it’s got a crazy amount of color, which he always loves! 🙂


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