A Golden Birthday

IMG_1976 copyToday is my golden birthday. 23 on the 23rd.

I love having a January birthday. Not only do I get a new year, but I get a whole new age right at the start of it. The combination makes the beginning of each year feel even more refreshing.

I was going to write a whole essay on how life changing my 22nd year was, which it was indeed, but I feel like at this point I’ve reminisced and retold enough on the past.

I will simply say that the overarching theme of year 22 was ‘waiting’. Waiting to tell people about the pregnancy, waiting for Justin to graduate, waiting through the pregnancy, waiting for Justin to get a job, waiting to move, waiting to finish with my job, waiting to go into labor, waiting to make it past the more difficult newborn days, etc. and for my 23rd year, though I’m sure there will be more stages of waiting, I would like to be less wrapped up in the waiting and more present in each day.

With Theo here now, and already growing up so fast, there is no better reminder to me that even in the midst of waiting on things life is moving forward and I want to look back on my 23rd year as having thoroughly invested, waiting or not, in each day.

22 taught and brought me a lot, so here’s to 23, a golden year, and to everything it has in store for me, I’m ready. 🙂

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