Three Months of Theo

IMG_2129 copy

Theo is 3 months old today and the more days that pass the more I see him looking more like a little boy then a baby!

At 3 months he is 16.15 pounds (97th percentile) and around 28 inches long (100th percentile) me and my breast milk take credit for his weight and I think it’s safe to conclude that the 6 foot 9 inch tall husband can take credit for his height. 😀

With the ending of today comes the end of the 4th trimester and with it all the postpartum hair loss I’ve heard so much about. To be honest I don’t mind it so much, my hair needed to be thinned out a bit anyway. 🙂

My hair is falling out and Theo’s is finally growing in more. His head grew too fast and got too big for his hair, haha, and now it’s catching up!

Theo still loves, loves, loves to eat and when he’s not eating he’s sucking on his hands or his blankets and producing ridiculous amounts of drool. #bibsandmorebibs

He still has a major love/hate relationship with baths and at this point still mostly a hate relationship with all wraps and carriers.

IMG_2131 copy

Even though he’s gaining weight really well, he’s also so tall that he hasn’t filled out too much, near 17 pounds is still a ridiculous amount to hold throughout the day or to rock to sleep for 20+ minutes though! You never realize how crappy your upper arm strength is until you have a baby 😉

Over the past week or so we’ve been officially working on a naptime/bedtime schedule and he’s taken to it really well! He’s in bed between 7-8pm and wakes up to nurse most times during the 1am and 4am hour and then up for the day around 7-8am.

Now that he’s gotten bigger he gets distracted while nursing looking at the windows, the ceiling, my shirt, etc. He used to be a super fast eater, 10-20 minutes tops and now nursing tends to stretch to 30-40 minutes with his breaks to look around, he normally gives the sweetest little smiles during those times though, so I can’t say I’m too upset. 🙂

Found out today at a last minute trip to the pediatrician that Theo isn’t so great at passing gas, which causes him to feel really uncomfortable a lot of times. So grateful to finally know the culprit for some really stressful days and nights and now we can work towards getting a good solution in place!

One thing that I love about him right now is what I call his ‘settling sigh’ which he makes when he’s about to fall asleep. It’s such a good indicator that he’s really resting and one of the most content sounds, it makes my heart glad to hear it and to know he’s so peaceful.

Also, it’s looking like his eyes are going to be brown in the end as they keep getting darker and darker every day!

Overall there is still a pretty wide variety in the days. Full of good moments and bad moments. Tears and smiles. But in the midst of the ups and downs the core is a sweet and wonderful understanding between Theo and I. As he grows I can see him understanding more, whether it’s him catching on to cues to sleep or play, staring me down as I eat meals (I think he’s going to go wild when we introduce solids in a few months! 🙂 ), or just his every day looks at me. When we are out and about a lot of times he’ll just turn to look at me, almost for reassurance that everything is okay, and with a nod and a smile on my part, and a smile from him in return, he’ll look away, back to gazing across the landscape or room that we’re in. It’s incredible to see how his dependence and independence mix these days and I can only imagine that it will be even more interesting as he continues to grow!

My love for him grows each and every day as I continue to embrace and understand motherhood. It’s an awfully wonderful journey we are on together. 🙂

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