Moving Up & Settling Down

IMG_4259So we’re moving! …again. 😀

An opportunity has come up that will take our little family up to NC, and in less than two weeks! It’s seriously looking like our speciality in life is taking on dramatic changes in ridiculously short amounts of time 🙂
We’ll be moving to an area that we’ve hoped to be in for some time now and would like to stay in for some time as well! It’ll be the first time we will be in a place that we don’t consider transitional. It’ll also be our first move to a different state which brings both excitement and, we’ll admit, nerves, but we so clearly see God directing us that we know despite our feelings, and how new it all is going to be, that it’s definitely our next step.

These next days are going to be a whirlwind, but one that will end in a pretty exciting change and one that all three of us are ready for!

**the photo above is a quick shot of our new apartment that is going to end up being quite unique in how we make it work, excited to share a few creative tactics we’ll be putting in place in the future 🙂

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