A Tree on Easter

This Easter was both Theo’s first and our first in NC. I posted a photo of the prettiest trees blooming in our apartment complex on instagram earlier this week and was determined to take Easter pictures by them today. Easter morning was drizzly and chilly, but despite the fact my inner photographer was still hoping for a break in the weather to get some photos. Right before we left for church the rain stopped for a minute and I excitedly rushed everyone out to the trees for a few photos! And there they were. Geese. IMG_2632 copyIf you know me you know that I am not a huge fan of birds to begin with, but geese may be my least favorite of all. It goes back to when I was a child and a goose stole my sandwich right out of my hand. Rude. And the dislike between us has only grown over the years. There are unfortunately about 13-15 geese dwelling by the pond behind our apartment so the chance of running into them was pretty high, but the irony of finding them in the exact spot I had planned to take photos in for days was just ridiculous 🙂

I would not be deterred though! If nothing else the photographer in me is quite brave 😀 I slowly inched around to another angle of the trees and started shooting and after awhile the geese got my silent message and moved on and I got to shoot at the angle I had hoped for!

Sarah and Andrew were staying with us over the weekend and after church we all went to Charissa and Tom’s for lunch! It’s been a most excellent day of time with family and joyfully celebrating Christ’s resurrection and it promises to be a sweet and quiet evening for our little family of three. Today marks 8 days of living in NC and it’s just been such a wonderful time already with so many good memories made, I am so looking forward to all the days, months and years to come that we get to call this place home!IMG_2627 copyIMG_2637 copyIMG_2656 copyIMG_2651 copyIMG_2677 copyIMG_2638 copyIMG_2687 copyIMG_2699 copyIMG_2689 copyIMG_2708 copyIMG_2714 copyIMG_2723 copyIMG_2727 copy

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