I Can’t Help Myself

Every once and a while I just feel the need to do a self-portrait shoot. They were habit for so long it’s almost like I feel the loss of them too much at certain times and then I have to quickly fulfill that part of my creative side again. Self-portraits are interesting, especially if they span as many years as mine do, because it’s a constant study of myself. I have self-portraits from when I lived in NY and SC, when I was thinner, younger, had so many different hair colors and hair cuts, using cheaper and more expensive equipment, when I was in high school, a college student, sad, happy, acting, learning, testing, dating, engaged, married, pregnant, etc. With each shoot I’ve examined and studied my face and body so much that I’ve become incredibly familiar with how I look in photographs. I understand all the angles, different smiles, different expressions. Over time I’ve captured them all at one point or another, though most haven’t ever been posted anywhere. It’s almost a way to remember myself. To capture who I was then and who I am now. To recall how I look to other people. It’s one of my favorite ways to boost my self-esteem and also see clearly how I’ve changed over the years. I’m not sure I could ever fully understand or explain what self-portraits mean to me, so I will simply keep taking them because I at least know they are incredibly important to me and forever will be.

p.s. all that leftover baby belly in the first shot ❤ ❤

IMG_2808 copyIMG_2857 copyIMG_2825 copyIMG_2861 copyIMG_2820 copyIMG_2912 copy

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