New adventures & New Foods

I never realized how few things we had to do or used to do in SC until we moved. There were weeks that the only place I went to was the grocery store and to be honest I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything. Once we moved I started realizing how often I was going out each week and actually having something interesting to do! In the spirit of all the available options, today, after watching the new Star Wars movie at home, we visited the (Free!!) North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and it was seriously too great!!

IMG_2945 copyIMG_2953 copyIMG_2958 copyIMG_2964 copyIMG_2976 copyIMG_2982 copyMy poor tall husband has to drive the van with his knees crammed up to the dashboard because of Theo’s car seat, we will most likely be switching his car seat to the other side, but I couldn’t help but mention what a champ he is for the sake of his son’s safety. 🙂IMG_2997 copyIMG_3004 copyWe may have felt ridiculously fancy to actually live in a place that had so many electric car charging stations. 😀IMG_3014 copyIt was SO windy on the walk to the museum entrance, this was an outtake shot that I felt like accurately depicted the experience. IMG_3023 copyIMG_3034 copyIMG_3038 copyIMG_3041 copyIMG_3050 copyA ‘Puddle’ of Platypuses 😀IMG_3062 copyIMG_3064 copyIMG_3066 copyThese grasshoppers are called ‘lubbers’ 🙂IMG_3082 copyIMG_3092 copyIMG_3094 copyIMG_3096 copyIMG_3102 copyThose eyebrows though…IMG_3111 copyIMG_3134 copy

After the museum, continuing with the new experiences trend, we decided that we wanted to actually try giving Theo some real solids. So, on the eve of his 5 month birthday we puréed some avocados (along with some breastmilk and probiotic) and served it up. As we suspected, he loved it. 🙂IMG_3146 copyIMG_3150 copyIMG_3158 copyIMG_3164 copy

I think all three of us are looking forward to all the new things that we have available to us now whether it be places or foods. 🙂

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