Starting Over

IMG_3175 copyStarting over is a very interesting thing to do. I haven’t started over in more than 8 years. I moved to SC with my family when I was 14 years old and for the next, almost, 9 years I would live surrounding a single college campus, in 5 different locations, but all still within a mile of the campus and among most of the same people. Within those years I would finish high school, start college, date, become engaged, marry, move into 3 different homes with Justin, find a church, graduate college, start full time work, get pregnant, finish full time work, and have a baby. In SC I was a daughter, a sister, a friend, a student, a girlfriend, a fiancée, an aunt, a wife, a church member, an employee and a mother. The years in SC contained an incredible amount of change emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically, most for the very best. And then…we moved.

It’s so interesting to know that when I meet people here they only know me as who I am right now, and not who I was for the past 8 and a half years. It’s actually pretty wonderful to start over as a little family too, it almost affirms who we are presently to ourselves and helps unify us even more as we begin to invest in new people, places, experiences and memories!

Before we moved, Justin jokingly told me he was going to reinvent himself once we got here. But to be honest, we almost have. Our routines, goals, activities, and overall life look different here and that changes things. Some days I feel tired thinking about what starting over means, the intentionality it takes to grow accustomed to new people and places, but overall every part of it just feels so right that it brings new energy to me to really see how I can celebrate where our life currently is!

So, NC, here we are. Justin, Beth and Theo. We are excited to be here and very much looking forward to being whoever it is we will be and doing whatever it is we will do while we are here!

One thought on “Starting Over

  1. I completely hit the feels right here. When I lived in Chicago, my personality was far different from when I moved to Hartsville; when I started public school in South Carolina, my personality was almost the complete opposite of what it was in Chicago. Every time I changed schools I was a different person. I began again with new interests and a new approach to people when I started college since I knew no one when I got there and I saw a chance to start over. Once we got married I felt myself unintentionally making changes to “match the new me.” Even once Frank graduated I could feel myself become more selective about everything from friendships to clothing to household arrangements and things to hang on the wall. When we moved to NC, again not knowing anyone when we got here, and being pregnant, I felt a new vulnerability, but also the chance to actively be myself and not who I wanted to be. After all, it was hard to rediscover myself, or even just be myself, in a crowd back in Cola because everyone already knew me a certain way. Since we’ve been here I have felt so comfortable and my selections in every aspect of life have felt the most like me and it’s so refreshing. It’s like starting on a blank canvas and letting myself just happen, not planning anything, you know? Anyways, good thought prompt 😊


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